Sunday 9 December 2012

My Surfdome Blogger Challenge Wishlist

On the eighth day of Christmas, Yahoomail sent to me ... another blogger challenge to keep me busy !

This time it came from Surfdome - "the lifestyle store" - who, I must be honest, I'd never heard of. They explain : "We stock over 750 brands, including designer and streetwear clothing for women, men , kids and infants like Vans, Converse, The North Face, Hunter, Canada Goose, Billabong and Joules". Having been in the Rock Climbing/Mountaineering Club at uni as well as spending many family holidays in Cornwall as a teen drooling over the surfers, these brands instantly leapt out at me ... but would I find anything to appeal to a (boo hoo! ) middle-aged mum like me whose only experience of extreme sports these days is legging it to the school gates with 30 seconds to spare on sheet ice ?! Well, too right I would !!

Surfdome Wishlist

The first thing that leapt out at me was a pair of red Converse All Stars- these are still my ultimate shoe, representing memories of my youth (I bought my first ever pair of genuine Converse All Stars, just like these ones, on an end-of-uni camping trip to the South of France with my two best mates which was a real "coming of age" road trip, marking the end of carefree student days and heralding the start of a new working life). £41.99 and worth every penny !

Next up was this Roxy Cosy Sunset Circle Hoody, costing £64.99. That's very expensive for a hoody but that's the whole point ! I love casual loungewear type clothes but if you don't want to look like Waynetta Slob, you have to go a bit upmarket ! This hoody looks utterly comfortable and snuggly but the screenprinted artwork across the front and the plaid lining inside the hood add a touch of class.

Things have got decidedly chilly here over the last few days so these Fat Face slipper boots caught my eye. They look a bit like Uggs - very trendy - but above all, would definitely keep my tootsies warm. I'd love to have them on my feet right now in fact ! £24.99 well spent.

We're starting to think about where to go on next year's summer holiday so I started looking at the luggage department and found my dream suitcase - the Roxy Long Haul Luggage Wanna Maker. It looks really smart and practical but would also make it so much easier to pick out our luggage on the carousel at the airport ! At £104.99, that's a large chunk of my £250 wish list budget but I think it's worth it.

Finally, I'm a mum - I couldn't totally overlook the kids, although they would have to share this one ! The Trespass Gremlin Beanie hat is ultra cute and so cool, Pierre would actually keep it on his head and not refuse to wear it (hopefully !). This adds an extra £12.99, taking the total wishlist value to £249.95, 5p short of my allowance - can't say fairer than that !

If you'd like to enter the competition too, head over to  Leave me a link to your wishlist too - I'd love to see what you picked out.

Disclosure : This is my entry for the Surfdome Blogger Challenge.

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  1. love the luggage and converse!!

    here's a link to my entry if you'd like to check it out :)


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