Monday 24 December 2012

Christmas dinner for tiny tummies from Ella's Kitchen

As the famous festive song said : "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" ! Well, if you have a toothless (or almost!) tot to feed and you're wondering what you can serve up as a special Christmas dinner, Ella's Kitchen have all bases covered.

For the youngest gourmets aged 4 months +, there's a stage one veggie option : Carrots, Apples & Parsnips. It's basically a roast dinner without the meat. (RRP 99p)

There are two stage two roast dinner pouches aimed at babies aged 7 months + : Cheery Chicken Roast Dinner with Stuffing or Punchy Pork Roast Dinner with Apples (RRP £1.39).

Slightly older babies and children may enjoy tucking into Lovely Roast Lamb with All the Trimmings (RRP £1.69).

And for dessert, they have a lovely pouch the colour of Santa's suit named, quite simply, The Red One. It's 100% squished strawberries, raspberries, apples + bananas with a dash of lemon juice.

We received some samples of Cheery Chicken Roast Dinner and The Red One to try out. As I predicted, the fruit smoothie got a great reception - I often buy fruit pouches as a healthy, mess-free snack on the go so the Madhouse Mini-testers all had a taste and loved it. Being a big boy of 3 and a half, Pierre no longer wants to eat baby food because he thinks it's beneath him, but the pouch of Cheery Chicken Roast Dinner certainly didn't go to waste. After having a taste and seeing Pierre turn his nose up at it (more because of the texture than the taste, as he's now on to real grown-up food), it was used as a lovely base for soup that the whole family enjoyed. It gave it a really nice flavour and thickness and it's something I would definitely use again as a soup base.

Ella's Kitchen's website also has a range of activity sheets that may come in useful for keeping your little ones occupied over the Christmas holidays.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : from 99p

for more information :

Disclosure : We received some pouches in order to write an honest review.

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  1. My kids used to have these and they really loved them, they are worth the money.

  2. Love the idea of a mini Christmas dinner.

  3. Ella's are fab - my little nephew had these for Christmas and he loved them !! Never thought of using as a soup base - excellent x


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