Monday 17 December 2012

The Britmums #O2GuruMagicOfXmas Linky

"Post a picture on your blog that captures the magic of Christmas for you or your family and tell us about it" - such was the brief for Britmums #O2GuruMagicOfXmas Linky Challenge so I thought this picture summed it up perfectly ...

There's something about seeing Santa, however old you are, that makes you feel childlike and full of Christmas spirit and wonder. Sophie doesn't believe any more but in this photo, she's still got the twinkly eyes and huge grin because seeing Pierre and Juliette's little faces light up is contagious.

Juliette's at that age where she's starting to have a few doubts and tells me that some of her friends at school don't believe any more ... then whispers "but he must really be the real Father Christmas because his beard is real and he said that he knew that I wanted a Monster High doll for Christmas when I told him".

Pierre just looks totally star-struck whenever we see Santa ... which is very often at the moment because there are at least three different ones in the town centre ! Hearing him excitedly babble "we saw Father Christmas and he gave me a sweet and told me to look out for him in the sky" when Madhouse Daddy Mike gets in from work is just priceless !

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  1. Lovely post and yes seeing Santa is so very special. By the way, your entry meets the terms and conditions fine. Commenting on behalf of BritMums


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