Monday 10 December 2012

All I want for Christmas is ... #pktmnyparents linky Challenge

You may remember I told you about our trial of the pktmny website recently - you can read our review here for more information about how it works, but basically, it allows parents to automatically add weekly pocket money plus any one-off payments they want to award for chores around the house or good marks, and kids can visualise their saving mounting up, getting ever closer to their target for whatever is on their wishlist. (They also get to spend their money online or in the shops using a bank card just like mum and dad's that you control by setting spending limits on, which is rather cool.)

Well, this is what 7-year-old Juliette is lusting over at the moment - Monster High dolls. I have to admit I can't see the appeal personally but all her friends are the same and they do have an anti-bullying message, which has to be a good thing (especially after Sophie having to deal with bullying at school this year).

Speaking of Sophie, this is what she's working towards on her pktmny account : a brand new Wii-U ! It's really educational for her to see how long it takes to be able to afford a big purchase - which is a great life lesson learned for when she gets her first job.

And Pierre ? Well, he's only 3 so he doesn't understand about pocket money and the value of things yet but his eyes came out on stalks when he spotted this Spiderman bed in the shops when we went Christmas shopping at the weekend ! I think it would freak me out having those spiders webs by my head as I went to sleep but he didn't seem worried !

Well, as I explained to them (and showed them on their pktmny account), they'll have to wait for a while yet to amass their pocket money or speed things up by increasing their odd jobs around the house if they really want to get their dream booty !

Disclosure : This is our entry for the #pktmnyparents Linky on BritMums.

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  1. This seems like such a good idea. I think my boys are old enough now to start saving for things they really want. Hopefully it'll teach them the value of money.

  2. Monster High do seem so popular. I think I would prefer the Spiderman bed, very striking to look at.
    Commenting for myself and BritMums.


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