Friday 28 December 2012

Pataks Turkey Curry Sauce review

Hands up if you're fed up of eating turkey yet ! Well, we spent Christmas in France this year and only arrived in England yesterday so we'll be having our roast turkey meal (complete with crackers and Christmas pudding for dessert) on Saturday so I haven't eaten any at all yet ! Patak's kindly sent us through a jar of their Festive Recipe Turkey Curry Sauce which is absolutely ideal for using up leftovers of turkey but also any other roast meats, such as chicken or pork.

Last year, I used a jar of this to use up all our leftover turkey but also cooked vegetables and roast potatoes and it was lovely. It's not too hot, very similar to a korma, so the whole family will happily tuck in, and it has a lovely flavour, with some added sweetness coming through from red peppers, coconut and sultanas.

You'll have to get in quick though. This limited edition Turkey Curry Sauce costs £1 for a big 500g, 4 serving jar and is available in Tesco from December 24th – 31st while stocks last.

Disclosure : We received a jar of Patak's Turkey Curry Sauce through the post, which was a lovely unexpected surprise !

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  1. we tried this last year its lovely they should sell it all year round

  2. This sounds really nice, we ended up throwing our leftovers away because we weren't around on boxing day and by the 27th it hadn't a nasty smell to it, lol


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