Sunday 30 December 2012

Bigsby Interactive Story Buddy review

Here at The Madhouse, we love Hallmark Interactive Story Buddies. We've already been lucky enough to review Abigail the Bunny and Watson the Racoon and were over the moon to receive a new chum, Bigsby the friendly Monster. If you're unfamiliar with the concept of Story Buddies, you get a lovely hardbacked story book to read along with your child and certain key phrases activate your cuddly Story Buddy who springs to life and joins in with comments.

I thought Bigsby looked a bit like a Gruffalo and love his toothy grin. As soon as I took him out of the box, Pierre grabbed him for a cuddle.

He really does look like the Bigsby illustrated in the book so it's lovely for young children see the main character from the book come to life and play with them.

Madhouse Grandad was on story-telling duty today and Pierre loved listening to the story of Bigsby, even before the cuddly story buddy starting joining in.

I don't know who looked most surprised and delighted when Bigsby joined in - Pierre or Madhouse Grandad !

It adds a really lovely touch of magic to storytime. The book is lovely to read by itself, with lots of detailed, colourful illustrations, and the cuddly toy is beautifully soft and appealing, but putting the two together really takes them both to another level.

For even more story time fun with Bigsby, there is also a downloadable app suitable for use on iPhones and iPads, to accompany the furry creature. The free app includes a short animated story that can be played aloud through the app’s internal narrator or recorded by a loved one to add a personal touch to the tale. The app also includes child-friendly puzzles and an interactive game that lets your child play with Bigsby, just like in the book.

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £19.99

Disclosure : We received a Bigsby Story Buddy in order to write an honest review.

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  1. he looks likes a great little fella to take to bed

  2. I've seen one of these before and thought they looked quite interesting, they're cute too!

  3. Abigail was under our christmas tree this year, shes very sweet

  4. My son has the Watson version of this - it is really magical and I would happily buy more. In fact we bought the other 2 Watson books to go with the first one :)

    1. We have Watson too - and Abigail the bunny - they're great :)


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