Monday 21 January 2013

#BreakfastWatch Day 1 : Freshly Baked Pain Au Chocolat

In the spirit of National Breakfast Week, we're trying to Shake Up Our Wake Up here at The Madhouse this week and try out some different breakfast ideas. Today, we're going French and trying to make our own fresh pain au chocolat. That may sound complicated but we're using the Jus-Rol Bake-It-Fresh Dough that has been lurking in the fridge since it leapt into my trolley at the supermarket, along with some croissant dough !

This is the first time we've tried out Jus-Rol pain au chocolat dough so we were amazingly impressed by the packaging. It comes in a tin but there's no need to look for a tin opener. You just pull a little cardboard tab and the whole thing peels open, with the dough springing to life and splurging out as if it has a life of its own !

It already smells appetising and authentically buttery, mentally transporting you to a boulangerie. It's soft, pliable and not at all sticky so unrolling it is a piece of cake.

I love the way it's all been designed to be totally simple, so much so in fact that I called over the Madhouse Mini-Testers and they did it all themselves. The pastry is perforated so you just rip off each section with your hands - no need for a knife for a clean edge.

You place two chocolate strips (included in the box)on the edges of the dough square and roll them towards the middle.

Turn the up the other way, place them on a baking sheet and stick them in the oven for 12 minutes or until golden brown.

Ta-da. The whole family were very impressed by the way they looked and tasted. They're not quite as flaky as the ones you buy in France but the flavour is spot on. The only bad thing is, the chocolate is molten and very hot when they come out of the oven so you have to wait for a while before they're cool enough to eat - not easy when they smell that delicious !

Each pain au chocolat (which weighs approximately 46g uncooked) contains 170 calories, 18.9g of carbs (of which 7.3g sugar) and 8.7g of fat (of which 4.8g saturated). As a special breakfast treat, they're ideal and they're so quick and simple to knock up, you'll get huge Brownie points for very little effort ! Even on a workday, I have time to make these, and they're guaranteed to tempt even those who have little appetite in the morning to get something in their tummies.

Don't forget to join in with #breakfastwatch and share your ideas for how to Shake Up Your Wake Up ! There are prizes to be won if you upload your photos.

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Disclosure : I received a hamper full of breakfast goodies in order to encourage us to take part in #breakfastwatch.

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  1. I prefer the buttery just roll croissants they are more authentic <3 and the dough on these is too sweet for me :)

    1. I have a tin of that in the fridge to try out too so I'll let you know how we get on ! :)


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