Wednesday 9 January 2013

Think you know everything about carbon monoxide?

If you are a Coronation Street fan, you will have noticed the recent storyline involving the serious dangers surrounding carbon monoxide poisioning and the importance of using a fully qualified gas safe registered engineer for any work involving gas appliances.

British Gas want to give you the chance to really understand the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning by raising awareness about the 'silent killer' to all those in the UK. They've come up with these two infographics which cover the basics and are well worth taking a moment to read.

To ensure the message is really hitting home, they are also running a competition, giving away 75 carbon monoxide alarms in the hopes that soon, every home will be fitted with one.

You can read more about the dangers of CO poisoning here and enter the British Gas Facebook competition here. Good luck if you enter, and let me know if you win one !

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  1. We have one on the cupboard up the stairs where the boiler is and one in the living room where the gas fire is. I have 4 smoke alarms in a 2 bed house as well. Dont understand people that dont have these sorts of things.

    1. I think it's because that's always been the way in England and they're dirt cheap. In France, they're just about to bring in a law making it compulsory to have smoke alarms and people are grumbling about the cost, because most of them have never even considered buying one before. It's like when seatbelts first became compulsory - people hated it but it's just second nature now :)


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