Friday 4 January 2013

Beautilicious Blog Awards 2013!

101 Beautilicious Blog Winner 2013 On DropOfPink Beauty Tip Blog

I had a nice and totally unexpected surprise in my inbox earlier on today :

"Here at DropOfPink, we wanted to see what the community valued and what they thought was under-rated and what needs to be recognised among other bloggers as a great source for beauty / fashion / makeup information. The list below is ordered A to Z and has a wide array of blogs ranging from fashion, beauty, makeup and product reviews of women related products. You might see some blogs that won last year but we have kept them in due to the amount of votes that blog had been given by voters! We hope that you like the selection, now you have hours of reading to do!! So we would like to congratulate you on being picked for 101 Beautilicious blogs of 2013!"

Well, that was a total bolt from the blue and I'm honoured to be part of the list, especially as this is voted by the readers and I wasn't even aware I'd been nominated !

I was just thinking over Christmas that all the pregnancy/breastfeeding/baby aspect of my blog will start to be phased out, so who knows, maybe focusing more on beauty blogging is the way to go !

Thanks to everyone who voted for me !

for more information :

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  1. well done you. You could always have another baby if you want to keep up with modern maternity stuff......

    1. No, no more for me ... three is enough ! That's always been the option though so it's kind of sad clearing out the baby stuff and not putting the outgrown clothes aside "for the next one" as Pierre gets bigger !


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