Tuesday 22 January 2013

Turning 40 = Time to start planning for your pension?

Having turned forty a few months ago, I suddenly seem to have started getting lots of things through the post about my pension - talk about putting the boot in ! Seriously though, I know it's something I need to start properly thinking about. We already put a bit aside each month in a long-term savings account, but last week was a revelation. We had our yearly bank appointment - they like to check accounts, discuss new types of savings plans and move money about to get the best deal (well, that's what they always say, I'm always convinced they're after commission for creating new accounts !) - and they pointed out that in another two years, we'll have finished paying off the mortgage - woohoo ! Then they said maybe we should start paying another one and invest in a flat or house to rent out as our nest egg. It sounds a bit too much like Monopoly to me !!

Source: NOW: Pensions

NOW Pensions sent through this infographic recently, showing that we're not the only ones debating our financial future. When times are hard - and it feels like the current recession has been going on forever - it's easy to focus on living hand to mouth and worrying about the future later, but that's a bit like being an ostrich. I'd like to think that we'll be self-sufficient when we're old and wrinkly and won't have to depend on the kids to help us out so we need to come up with a plan now.

What about you? Have you got your pension fund sorted out already or does it all still seem too far away to worry about?

Disclosure : This is a sponsored post, but I hope it's still an interesting read !

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  1. Was a very interesting read and making me wonder about MY future as well.


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