Friday 4 January 2013

WeightWatchers Jaffa Cake Bars review

When WeightWatchers asked me if I'd like to review their Jaffa Cake Bars, I didn't hesitate for a second. I've tried out quite a lot of their cakes and biscuits now and every time, I'm amazed at how they've managed to cut down on the calories/ProPoints without compromising on taste.

When I pulled the first one out of the pack, my first thought was "oooh it's gone all soggy". I don't know what I was expecting but not the spongy, squishy bar that I could feel bending in my fingers. But once I'd taken the wrapper off, it made perfect sense - it's exactly the same as a Jaffa cake, except it's rectangular ! It seems really weird eating a Jaffa cake that isn't round actually !

The flavour and texture are spot on - you get the soft sponge, the zingy orange jelly and the indulgent chocolate. If you closed your eyes, I'm sure you'd never know you weren't eating a regular Jaffa cake.

Each bar is 21g (which is plenty big enough to quell any sweet/chocolate/cake cravings you may have) and counts for 2 ProPoints or 75 calories, 14.2g of carbs of which 10g sugar and 1.3g of fat of which 0.8g saturates.

These will definitely be jumping into my trolley on a regular basis ! I'd be intrigued to compare the nutritional information with regular Jaffa cakes to see how they measure up.

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £1.99 for 6 bars

Disclosure : I received some WeightWatchers Jaffa Cake Bars in order to write an honest review.

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  1. I buy a lot of the Weight Watchers products in my local pound shop.

    They taste great & you wouldn't think they were diet bars at all...the only probably is my will power is rubbish and I usually can't just have one! Oops!

    Jen xx

  2. oh these look fab, I love a jaffa but one never seems enough so this would be ideal to take to work as a snack, Im following slimming world and I think from the cals its 3.5 syns so not bad :)

  3. Oh I love these, they are a really good likeness for proper jaffa cakes and totally yummy. I admit I have to have two though!!

  4. These sound lovely I love Jaffa Cakes and am starting weight watchers (again) this month!

  5. always looking for tasty snack for work so i stay away from the biscuit tin lol

  6. These are a good size and look delicious. I ned my chocolate fix everyday but need to lose weight so this could be the answer

  7. I actually tried these and my mum confiscated them coz she wanted them


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