Thursday 3 January 2013

Book review : The Angel Trilogy - Logan Belle

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I didn't read the Fifty Shades of Grey books but I did predict that a huge wave of erotic literature was about to be unleashed on the planet, so I wasn't really very surprised when I received a new series of erotic fiction books to review entitled The Angel Trilogy. I ended up reading the whole lot back to back over the Christmas holidays. The novels follow the destiny of central character Mallory Dale, a rather staid young lawyer who has recently moved to Manhattan to be with her boyfriend Alec.

In book one - Blue Angel - Mallory is taken to her first ever burlesque show as a birthday surprise from her boyfriend. At first she feels ill at ease, but soon the pumping music, the artistic choreography, the glamour of the strass and sequins and the hypnotic allure of the dancers sucks her in and she can't get enough of the burlesque world, first as a spectator but soon as a dancer herself. Exit Mallory, enter her sexy, sassy alter-ego Moxie !

In Book 2 - Fallen Angel - Mallory has some difficult decisions to make concerning her life plan. While it was initially Alec's idea to introduce her to the club and try to broaden her sexual horizons, he soon feels threatened by Mallory's new-found passion and sidelined by her interest in burlesque (and one of the dancers in particular). Should she follow her heart or her head ? Is Alec her best bet or should she give in to her rather sexy boss's advances?

The final episode - Naked Angel - sees Mallory's life taking a new direction yet again. She now has her very own burlesque club but Alec is out to surprise her yet again with another suprising proposal that will leave her speechless.

The Angel Trilogy is undoubtedly erotic fiction. The innumerable sex scenes are graphic and raunchy with explicit language that may make some readers feel uncomfortable. I wasn't offended but I was suprprised at the huge amount of girl-on-girl and even guy-on-guy action compared to the minority of straight heterosexual sex - I guess that's just not exciting enough to be the content of sexual fantasy !?!

But I was pleasantly surprised to see that it's not just a series of loosely linked sex scenes, it actually has a really well-written storyline. It's fascinating to see Mallory's character developing as the series progresses, even more so when we learn that author Logan Belle's inspiration for the novels came from her own birthday trip to a burlesque club.

Having never been to a burlesque club, I can't vouch for how authentic the descriptions are but it seems very realistic. The feather boas, fake lashes and body glitter are very reminiscent of Moulin Rouge and the bitchy catfights behind the scenes are all very Dynasty and Dallas !

It's an enjoyable chicklick-esque series of novels with a decidedly raunchy edge. Whatever you do, don't lend them to your mum after you've finished reading them !

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star rating : 4/5

RRP : £6.99 each

Disclosure : I received review copies of the books.

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  1. These look great, wish they had been on my Xmas list!!

    1. Did you see my giveaway to win a set? You may be in luck !

  2. thanks for the review I will buy them now I know they are good.


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