Saturday 19 January 2013

How do you sleep?

Ibis Hotels have created a fun infographic about the nation's sleeping habits (see below). I was amazed to see that we spend a third of our lives sleeping - I bet any sleep-deprived parents of newborns will be shaking their heads at that saying "not here" ! It does get better, I promise !

As far as sleeping positions go, I think I'm usually a foetus, although I do tend to start off as a starfish to actually fall asleep ! Madhouse Daddy Mike isn't a sleepwalker or a sleeptalker but he is sometimes a sleepfootballplayer - I have the bruises to prove it ! (And then he complains when I shove him to moan about being kicked because he "was just about to score a goal when you woke me up" !) On one memorable occasion, he almost leapt out of bed, convinced he was fighting snakes with an American Indian too. I wish I had dreams as exciting as his !!

What about you? Do you recognise yourself in any of this?

Disclosure : This is a sponsored post, but I hope it's still an entertaining read !

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  1. I'm in the 41% as the foetus, although I've been known to sleep walk and talk too.

  2. I can't lay down so sleep propped up on many pillows and cushions. I can only rest on one side so I'm more like the 15% that are the Log.


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