Thursday 31 January 2013

Get ready for a Tree Fu Tom Twitter Party !

I must be mad ! You may remember the (slightly !) organised chaos last year when I took part in a live twitter party for Sylvanian Families and tried not to lose my sanity as I ran around mopping up spilt drinks, taking little people to the toilet, renewing cupcake supplies and running games and challenges, all while trying to keep up with the simultaneous twitter feed ! It was all very manic and I felt like Shiva, the multi-armed Hindu god, at the end, but it was all a good laugh (especially - ahem - once all the guests had gone home and I'd had a glass of wine to recover !)

Well, we had so much fun that I was happy to be invited to join in with another one, this time for Tree Fu Tom. We're all fans of Tree Fu Tom here at The Madhouse. Pierre and Juliette love the tales combining adventures, magic and nature and - above all - copying the special moves. I love the fact that it's a programme they both love watching together because it appeals to both sexes and I also love watching them join in with the Tree Fu, taking it all very seriously I might add!

The twitter party will be on 19th February from 4-6pm. Make sure you drop in, not just to laugh at me and the other party hosts trying to keep things running smoothly and keep up with the tweets, but also because you'll be able to win prizes too. Follow the hashtag #treefutomtoys for more information.

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