Thursday 31 January 2013

Quick and Easy Room Makeover Ideas from 3M Command

If you're wary of getting the drill out and don't know one end of a rawlplug from the other, these ideas for totally tool-free room makeovers sound perfect. I love the idea of the hanging herb garden in the kitchen.


Command Products from 3M are a range of ingenious adhesive strips and hooks which allow home lovers to hang decorations, mirrors, pictures and much more without the hassle of nails, screws and tacks, throughout the home. Holding fast to wood, tile, metal or to painted walls, Command Products can revolutionise the way that you hang almost anything. Yet when the time comes to refresh a room with a new look and style, the strips and hooks can be removed from walls quickly and easily without leaving any marks.

Why not try out one of these simple ideas to give your home a stunning Spring update?

Feature Wall

Spring is the perfect time to give a drab room or area a revamp. However, if the idea of picking out new paints and getting messy with DIY fills you with dread, follow our tips for creating a simple gallery/feature wall which will create an instant impact and interior transformation, without the mess of nails and holes all over the wall. Displaying and arranging your favourite artwork is easy with Command Picture Strips:
  • Firstly, choose the area in your home that you wish to update, it may be the wall running up the stairs, a quiet reading area or simply the space above your sofa that needs an injection of style and colour. It’s all about refreshing your existing scheme and transforming a tired area within your home
  • Plan your colour palette – what colours do you like and what is your existing décor? If you are looking for on trend colours then buy a few interiors magazines and see what’s hot. We
recommend sticking to a maximum of three colours and combine them with a highlighting colour such as cream or white
  • You don’t have to just use black & white or colour photos for your gallery, sketches or illustrations can look just as stylish. As long as the pictures complement one another, you can be fairly creative with your selection
  • Keep the spaces between the frames fairly small. A good tip is to lay them out on the floor and decide on the arrangement before you commit to hanging them on the wall
  • When you are happy with your selection, use the easy to stick, easy to remove Command Picture Hanging Strips to hang your frames as they avoid the need to drill or hammer any holes into your walls
  • Opt for similar style frames i.e. modern, rustic, shabby chic that will suit your existing interior décor and complement each other Try to balance out the colours in your picture gallery. Pick one key colour which features in most of your images and spread these out on the wall. This allows the eye to travel around the whole gallery easily and it will bring a real synergy to your display.
Hanging Kitchen Herb Garden

Now that Winter is finally over and the first Spring flowers are starting to bloom, why not bring some greenery into your kitchen? Make the most of the space under your kitchen cupboards by creating a vertical herb garden on this free wall space.
  • For fresh herbs at your fingertips, place oregano, basil, rosemary and thyme into small starting pots
  • Place these pots into clear waterproof containers such as the Command Clear Caddies. These caddies come with Command strips which allow you to quickly and easily attach them to the wall without the need for damaging hooks, nails or screws
  • Then use some white chalk to write the names of each herb on chalkboard labels and stick them to the front of the caddies to easily identify each plant.
Where Are My Keys?

Trying to find lost house or car keys can be a perennial problem in a busy household. These simple tips should make early morning hunts for the keys a thing of the past:
  • Hang a series of framed photos of your house, car, shed etc on a section of blank wall space that you walk past every morning
  • Attach a Command Micro or Clear Mini Hook to each frame and use these to hang each set of keys on to ensure they are always to hand – simple!
  • Applying the frames to the wall using Command Picture Hanging Strips ensures that if you redecorate or decide to move your key wall, that you can remove the frames cleanly and easily and rehang elsewhere without any damage to your walls.
Bedroom storage solution

If you are struggling to find space in your wardrobe and chest of drawers, follow these simple tips to create a little more hanging space in your bedroom:
  • Simply apply Command Medium hooks at a range of different heights on a blank wall in your bedroom
  • Use the hooks to stylishly hang your favourite accessories; scarves, hats and handbags to the walls
  • Not only does it solve a storage solution, but done with a little style it can all a great design feature to your room
Temporary Interior Party Decorations

For many, spring signifies the start of endless children parties and festive celebrations such as Easter. The thought of decorating your home can seem like a dreadful hassle but Command Products remove that worry:
  • If you are concerned about hanging temporary decorations as you don’t want to mark your walls, Command Products offer the perfect solution

  • Command Hooks give you the flexibility to hang everything exactly where you want it to go and best of all you can easily remove them all once the party is over without leaving any damage to your paintwork or walls. Command Micro Hooks and Decorating Clips are particularly good for hanging lightweight items such as fairy lights, bunting and simple cardboard decorations.
Organise your Kitchen cupboards

Sorting out your storage is a great job for spring. There is nothing more satisfying than having everything ordered and looking lovely. Here are some tips for making the best of your cupboards even in the cosiest of kitchens:
  • Make sure the shelf heights are suitable for the items that you place inside. It often works to have smaller items that you use regularly such as condiments, spices, and herbs at the top and larger objects such as vases at the bottom

  • Make the most of limited cupboard space by using the sides as well as the shelves. The easy to apply, easy to remove Command Micro Hooks work well for hanging light weight items inside the cupboard such as tea-towels whilst Command Wire Utensil Hooks are great for small tea cups and utensils Opt for thin objects on the doors such as tea towels so that you can still close them after hanging. Command Picture Clips can also be used on the inside of the doors to neatly hang up all of your loose recipes.
Organise your children’s bedroom

If seeing carpet in your children’s bedroom is a rare sight, follow these simple ideas to get clothes, toys and bags off the floor and easily stored away:
  • Prioritise items that are needed on a daily basis, such as cycle helmets, coats and school bags and use Command Medium hooks to hang them at ‘child height’ on the area of wall nearest the bedroom door – this will leave no excuse for the kids not to hang these items up as they run in from school or from play time with friends!

  • To tidy toys, colouring books, pencils, pens and even mobile phones attach a couple of different sized Command Clear Caddies to the walls near desks or side tables. These are available in a range of sizes; the largest is ideal for colouring books whilst the smaller ones can be used for little toys and pencils. Just make sure you check the weight restrictions on the back of the packets before you use them.

For more inspiring home transformations from Command Products please visit:

Disclosure : I'll be receiving some products from 3M in order to try out some of the room makeover ideas.

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  1. I love the key-hanger idea.
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    Thank you for such an original but simple to make tip !

  2. love the kitchen herb garden idea

  3. Love the bag idea! I would need so many of those, actually I should probably just throw some of my old bags away LOL


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