Sunday 13 January 2013

Yellow Moon toys review

I've received a couple of fabulous boxes of crafting supplies to review from Yellowmoon already so I was quite surprised to see the contents of the latest box that they sent through just before Christmas - it was packed with toys. Admittedly, toys with a crafty theme - still plenty to keep the kids occupied and getting creative - but there were also some bits that I wouldn't have associated with the company. Sure enough, a closer look revealed that while they have a huge crafting section, they also sell toys and even party bag fillers and personalised gifts. Oooh I need to go and have a good browse later !

What with all the relative-visiting and the influx of new toys over Christmas, we haven't had a chance to play with them all properly yet so I'll be back to tell you more when we have. In the meantime, I wanted to show you the contents of our lovely package though.

Sophie immediately squealed and grabbed hold of the Hama Fashion Design Kit. It contains 6000 beads so will keep both Juliette and Sophie occupied for many hours !

The Voice Changer (£6.99) had everyone giggling. You speak into it like a megaphone and it changes your voice so you sound like a robot, an old man, a boy or a kid. The adults were playing with this one as much as the Madhouse Mini-testers if I'm honest ! 

The dinosaur-themed Finger Printing Art Set (£7.99) appealed to Pierre, who couldn't wait to discover the contents.

It contains 3 coloured ink pads, 12 rubber stamps and 10 colouring pencils and encourages you to squish your fingers into the ink to help create fun dinosaur pictures, as you can see on the lid. After his success (not to mention enjoyment) creating finger-painting snowman Christmas cards last month using the Christmas crafting supplies that Yellow Moon had kindly sent us through - for which he was lucky enough to win an ipad mini no less ! - Pierre is very excited about playing with this. Watch this space !

The colourful Gruffalo Dominoes (£6.99) look like the perfect way to get the younger Madhouse Mini-testers practising their number recognition and counting without even realising it.

I love the idea of the Finger Fairytale kit (£2.99), which uses temporary tattoos to replace the usual finger puppets. How cool is that ! You get four sets of tattoos for £2.99 so these would be great for adding to party bags.

And the final item - some lovely, brightly coloured, festive bracelet kits. These would also be ideal as party bag fillers (they come in other styles, not just Christmas ones) and at £2.95 for 4 kits, they won't break the bank.

Juliette instantly asked to make them. It was just before bedtime but it looked like a quick and simple crafts project, with everything you need ready to use - the elastic is precut, so you just need to thread on the wooden beads and figures.

A quick knot and within five minutes, you have a lovely funky bracelet to wear. Not to mention, a very happy child !

I'm constantly impressed by the products on offer at Yellowmoon. They have all the traditional crafting supplies that you'd expect - paper, card, paint, glitter, etc - but they also have some nifty twists on classic products, like the temporary tattoo finger puppets, allowing you to complete some really fun projects, even on a small budget.

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Disclosure : I received a box of goodies from Yellow Moon in order to write honest reviews. 

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  1. What a good selection - looks just the thing for when the novelty of the snow has worn off!

  2. I love Yellow Moon products - I use them a lot with my Beavers and Rainbows

  3. some lovely items, i got my daughter some hama beads for christmas, she loves them!

  4. Love Yellow Moon, my sister is a childminder and uses them.
    My little girl has the fairy princess finger painting set, they're great.


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