Saturday 5 January 2013

Abra-ca-Debora Dutch Pancakes review

A little while ago, a cheeky little email popped into my inbox that made me smile. It started : "Hello dears,
I’m Abra-ca-Debora, and I make magic pancakes. Did you know pancakes aren’t just for Pancake Day? Back home in Holland, we eat them all the time! We have savoury ones for supper, sweet ones for pudding, and we top them with all kinds of yummilicious things! And here’s where the magic comes in – all you have to do is open your fridge, let your imagination run wild, and hey presto! A pan-tastic supper in seconds!"

She went on to say, would I fill in a quick survey and if I was one of the first ten to send in my answers, I'd win some pancakes. Well, true to her word, she did ! I received two packs of lovely Dutch pancakes, some sweet and some original.

Well, as you may remember, Madhouse Daddy Mike hails from Brittany in France, which is (if you ask him or any other French person !) the home of the crêpe/pancake, so I was keen to see what we'd think of these Dutch pancakes. Tastewise, they're very similar - even Madhouse Daddy Mike had to agree that they were just as good ! - but they're thicker than the Breton ones that are called "lace" pancakes because they're so thin they have little holes in them.

I decided to use a classic Breton recipe and make "crêpes complètes". I warmed up the pancakes in the microwave  while I fried some eggs. (The kids already ate one pancake straight away while I was preparing the rest because they smelt too nice ! I *may* have had a little taste too and can confirm that they are perfectly delicious straight from the microwave, making them the ideal instant snack for hungry kids.)

I put one pancake in the pan (no need for any oil or butter) and sprinkled grated cheese over the top.

Slap a quick slice of ham on top. (Sorry for the inferior quality photos, I left the camera charger at the in laws' so I'm reduced to using the iPad to take photos until they send it on !)

Here I digressed from the French way and flipped it over in half, pressing it down so that the cheese melted all the way through. You can see little dots of cheese poking through the top of the pancake when you press it when it's ready.

A fried egg on top and you're ready to go.

At this point, the kids asked me to stop taking photos and get on with making more pancakes because they were too yummy ! They went on to the sweet ones next which they ate with strawberry jam, peanut butter or lemon juice and sugar. All of which were very nice indeed.

I have to admit, I'd never heard of Abra-ca-Debora but I have since seen them in the supermarket chilled aisle, next to the milk, so keep your eyes peeled if you want to give them a go too !

star rating : 5/5

RRP :  £1.75 for 6

for more information :

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  1. Never noticed them before but sound great!

  2. I bought some packaged pancakes from Tesco a while ago (they were reduced to clear and I thought it was worth a shot!) and they tasted absolutely awful. It really put me off buying pre-packaged crepes or pancakes ever again but if I see these ones I might give them a go.

  3. I love pancakes. I've been to Holland and went to the pancake restaurants, some had over 50 choices of topping. I will definitely give these ones a go.

  4. right, now I'm starving. Yum Yum, pancakes for dinner!

  5. Wow- i love pancakes (crepes!) and price is really good!


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