Monday 28 January 2013

Come Round to a Gallo Moscato party (if you're not snowed in!)

Last weekend, 200 Come Round Gallo Moscato parties were supposed to be going on, including one at The Madhouse. 

If you've never heard of Gallo Moscato - which, I have to admit, I hadn't before we were selected as party hosts -  it's a very sweet white wine. The Gallo Family website says that it "is bursting with delicious flavours of peach, honey, and ripe citrus - in a delightfully light style". I couldn't detect any specific flavours so I asked my guest tasters what they thought - words that were thrown out were crisp, sweet, fruity, peachy, mellow, syrupy, very nice and "a bit like Shloer with a kick" (!).

We received a fabulous party pack to get things swinging with balloons and a big poster to decorate the room,  plastic wine glasses, wine glass charms and coasters, a CD to provide the soundtrack, a candle and several bottles of Gallo Moscato. There were also two boxes of Italian Cantuccini almond biscuits from Arden & Amici. 

Then this happened. Hmmm. I was very impressed with Come Round who contacted everyone to say don't worry, if snow stops play, don't put your guests in danger, you can postpone your parties until next week. Well, some of our guests managed to brave the snow nevertheless (the lengths some people will go to for free wine !!)  and made it on the original date.

Apart from the biscuits, I wasn't sure what to serve with the wine. The Gallo Family's food pairing notes say : "Honeyed sweetness in a lighter style is a wonderful contrast to spicy Asian take-out or Mexican dishes, and complements everyday desserts" so we provided sweet and savoury nibbles to go with the wine : spicy chicken goujons, peppery crackers and crisps as well as sweet biscuits, cupcakes and fruit. It did actually go with both. I had read somewhere that the Cantuccini biscuits were lovely dunked in the wine - this sounded wrong (I'd even say sacriligious !) to me, too much like dunking a rich tea biscuit in a cuppa, but I gave it a go nevertheless. I wasn't too keen really, especially as I ended up with biscuit crumbs floating in my wine ! (Not that it put me off finishing my glass, I must say !) The flavours did go well together though - and it made the others laugh !

The other guests were supposed to be coming over yesterday, for an early birthday celebration for Juliette but one couple ended up phoning to say their kids were shivery, with a fever and a tummy ache, so they'd better stay at home with them rather than dropping them off at granny's as planned. This has certainly been an ill-fated party from the outset ! I don't think the balloons and poster will last another week but the wine and some of the biscuits will be ready and waiting for when everyone's feeling better and the snow has gone !

Did anyone else have a Gallo Moscato party or go to one? Or did you have trouble with the snow too ?

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Disclosure : We received a party pack from Come Round in order to host a Gallo Moscato party.

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