Wednesday 23 January 2013

Nintendo DS Puzzler World 2013 review

You're probably familiar with the Puzzler magazines filling up the bottom shelf of  your local newsagent's but did you know that they also exist in a collection of games for the Nintendo DS? I didn't, until we received the Puzzler World 2013 game to review.

If you've ever bought one of the paper versions, you'll find all the familiar games that you know and love - Crossword, Wordsearch, Fitword, Codewords, Link-a-Pix, Pathfinder, Sudoku ... I won't give you a complete list because there are over 27 puzzle types and over 1200 puzzles to complete, so it will keep you busy for a while !

If you've played the 2012 version, you'll discover a few new games alongside your old favourites, including Loko, Number Jig, Backwords and Maze-a-Pix. I found that there was a lot of variety so you don't get bored and there's something to appeal to everyone.

I like the way they have tried to make this suitable for all ages. You can create multiple profiles, so that each player can play at their own level and track their individual progress. The games start off quite simple and get progressively harder as you work through the levels. For those in difficulty, you can use handy hint tokens along the way when you get stuck, while those who find the games easy will be able to unlock extra Master Mode puzzles, some are which are quite tricky. Challenge Mode puzzles also unlock fun, visual games (which really appeal to younger players) such as Hangman, Missing Piece, Symbols and Chain Letters.

Many of the games only take a few minutes, so it's ideal for picking up when you just need a quick break - or if you know your daughter will be asking for her DS back in a couple of minutes !

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £19.99

Disclosure : We received a copy of the game in order to write an honest review.

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