Tuesday 29 January 2013

Knorr Gourmet Luxurious Cheese Sauce review (and Cauliflower Cheese recipe)

Packet cheese sauce mixes are a culinary short cut that I often use here at The Madhouse, so I was keen to see what we'd think of the Knorr Gourmet Luxurious Cheese Sauce with a hint of Pepper that we received to review.

As with any other packet cheese sauce mix, you just need to add milk and bring to the boil while whisking then leave to simmer for a couple of minutes to thicken. I could see the specks of pepper in the mix when I added it to the milk in the pan.

I decided to cook up a cauliflower cheese  for dinner. I always add in other vegetables to make it more interesting, taste and appearance wise. Here it was carrots and potatoes as well as cauliflower, but it can be whatever you have in the fridge really - leeks, broccoli, mushrooms and peas all work well too.

I added some ham and fried onions, again to add extra flavour, and tossed all the ingredients in the cheese sauce to cover everything evenly. 

A sprinkling of grated cheese on top and off to the oven until the cheese is nicely browned and bubbling. (About 1/2 hour at 180° but this dish can also be prepared in advanced and kept in the fridge or freezer until needed.)

It's a perfect healthy but warming dinner for a cold winter's evening. The sauce was lovely and creamy but I have to say, I couldn't really taste any difference compared to my normal non-gourmet packet cheese sauce.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : 89p for 33g

for more information : http://www.knorr.co.uk/

Disclosure : I received a selection of Knorr products in order to write honest reviews.

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  1. A shortcut like this is great on a busy day.

  2. Handy to have in the cupboard. Looking at your yummy cauliflower cheese has made me really hungry now, it looks very tasty.


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