Wednesday 2 January 2013

Pumpazing review

Juliette hasn't been feeling very well today. She's very pale and wanted to spend all day in pyjamas. I think it's just down to being over-tired from New Year's Eve because the Madhouse Mini-testers ended up staying up until 1.30am (I thought they'd fade way before that !). But despite being under the weather, she couldn't help but laugh her head off when she played with Drumond Park's Pumpazing game this morning !

The rather strange blue contraption in the photo is Zingy, the main part of the game and, to be honest, that's all that most kids need to amuse themselves - oh, OK, I admit it, it makes me giggle too !

He has two arms (or ears ? That's what Juliette thinks they are !) that you pump in and out, and this makes the Zingers - the coloured ball things that you insert into his head - fly off. They go really high and really fast and even though you know they're going to pop off, they still make you jump each time, hence the giggling ! Make sure you don't have anything breakable in the vicinity when you're playing because they go flying with quite some force !

Juliette and Pierre had great fun playing with it straight from the box so I let them get on with it for a while, before informing them that there is actually more to it than that ! If you insert batteries, it also makes funny boing and zing sounds. Every now and then he will shout "Uh Oh" too. If you're playing it properly (rather than just having absolute hysterics making them zing all over the room !), you pump the arms to make a Zinger pop then pass it on to the next player. If he says "boing" or "zing" you're OK but if he says "Uh Oh" you lose one of your cards. Once all four heads have popped off, you press the re-set button and reload them then gameplay resumes until there's only one player left with any cards. For older children or larger groups of players, you can also change the rules so the player is out of the game when it says "Uh Oh".

Most of the time, the cards/rules aren't even used though. The Madhouse Mini-testers just laugh manically as the heads zing everywhere, making it quite an energetic game, so it's a good way of burning off some excess energy !

*** STOP PRESS - I've just noticed that it is currently on sale at amazon for £3.69 but there is only one left in stock so get over there quick - that's amazing value ! ***

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £19.99

Disclosure : We received a Pumpazing game in order to write an honest review.

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  1. these look fab, harry loves the pumpaloons (think there made by the same company) so these would be fab for him, might stick them on his birthday list :) x

  2. Looks great, wish i had managed to get one at amazon at that price, that is ridiculously cheap!

  3. We gave this to our 3 year old son for Christmas and he loves it! We dont play it with the cards yet, just for the fun of it and I like the fact my son gets a light excercise from it too :)


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