Sunday 27 January 2013

#BreakfastWatch Day 7 : Fresh baked croissants, made by Sophie!

Today, my 11-year-old daughter asked if she could make me breakfast to say thank you for all the "cool breakfasts" that I've been preparing this week. I was expecting a soggy bowl of cornflakes or a banana and a yogurt but no, she amazed me by cracking open the Just-Rol Bake It Fresh Croissant Dough that was in the fridge and making them totally by herself ! Go Sophie ! 

She even took all the photos for me to blog about it too - how cool is that? I think I'll have to get her in on the reviewing and testing from now on !! Anyway, she told me that it was really easy because the triangles are all precut so you just have to fold them over and brush egg or milk over the top so they go lovely and golden brown.

They tasted just as amazing as they looked. If an 11-year-old can manage with no trouble at all, I would think anyone can !

I wasn't the only one who was impressed. She got a big sloppy kiss from her little brother Pierre and Juliette magically appeared looking over her shoulder to see where the nice smell was coming from !

Well, that's the end of Farmhouse Breakfast Week but we've really enjoyed Shaking Up Our Wake Up and trying out all the new recipes, plus I've still got loads of things to tell you about from the hamper of breakfast goodies that we received, so I think we'll still be carrying on with our new morning routine. As a naughty regular breakfast-skipper, I was keen to see if eating a proper breakfast all week would make any difference. Well, I generally hit the ground running and am fully functional as soon as my feet hit the floor so I didn't notice much difference in the mornings (although I did notice I didn't feel as cold at the bus stop, despite the snow and arctic temperatures outside) but I seemed to feel perkier in the evenings - not sure if eating breakfast would make any difference at the end of the day though ? I was pleasantly surprised to see that, despite adding an extra meal each day, I didn't put any weight on either, which is great news !

for more information about Farmhouse Breakfast Week :
for more information :

Disclosure : I received a hamper full of breakfast goodies in order to encourage us to take part in #breakfastwatch. 


  1. These always looked slightly dubious in the shop, they do look better made though!

  2. well done Sophie, gosh breakfast in bed for mum every Sunday it is then. I remember years ago we use to buy a similar product that had fruit and a lovely flavoured icing to put on top, but never see them anymore

  3. Brilliant well done Sophie! they look great! Do they take long to bake?


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