Monday 14 January 2013

Goodfella's Pizza review

Goodfella's recently got in touch to ask if I'd be interested in trying out some of their range of restaurant-quality frozen pizzas and accompaniments. It was a brand I'd only vaguely heard of and certainly never tried so I was keen to see what we'd think.

Before heading off to the supermarket armed with my voucher, I decided to read up a bit on what they have on offer. They actually have a huge product range. Their website says : "Our pizza range is a lot like an Italian family: it’s big, good looking and full of characters. While it can be tough choosing which one to go with, you can rest easy knowing whichever pizza you choose will be as satisfying as a Sicilian sunset." You can choose between Stonebaked Thin, Fully Loaded Deep Pan Baked, Superiore, Delizia, Garlic Bread and a Takeaway Range which offers you a pizza and wedges together in one handy box.

They have three new products on the shelf, which they dub "feisty fellas". Their unique(ish) selling point is promising a pizza with a powerful, in-yer-face flavour. They explain : "The new Flavour Fellas range from Goodfella’s ticks all the taste-bud boxes with a pizza that packs a punch Rocky Balboa would be proud of." The three varities are :

The Hotfella - a fiery combination of pepperoni, chorizo sausage, jalapeƱo and Roquito® peppers on a spicy tomato chilli sauce
The MeatyFella - a hearty pizza full of chunky beef meatballs and mince, accompanied by generous helpings of mozzarella and cheddar cheese
The BigCheese - a magnificent blend of mozzarella and red cheddar in a white cheese sauce, finished off with a crunchy cheddar topping

I fancied trying a Stonebaked Thin Chargrilled Vegetables with Pesto but Madhouse Daddy Mike turned his nose up at that suggestion and, unsurprisingly, opted for a MeatyFella from the Flavour Fellas range (partly for the flavour and partly, I'm sure, for the rather macho advertising spiel !).

I actually wasn't overly impressed when I pulled it, still frozen, out of the box. The topping didn't look that generous and it's a reasonably small pizza - it would feed two adults but wouldn't stretch to a whole family's meal. Hmmm off to the oven, time will tell.

The meaty topping was all concentrated on the middle section, so I suggested to Madhouse Daddy Mike that I spread it all out with a knife but he had a better idea.

He decided it needed some more cheese, because it didn't have enough, so he added some slices of cheddar all around the outer edge where there wasn't much meaty topping.

The end was result was a very tasty pizza. It has the best deep crust base that I've had in a long time - really crispy at first bite but soft and chewy inside. The meaty topping is well seasoned and juicy but I have to agree that it could have done with a bit extra cheese.

I would class this as a very nice frozen pizza, but I wouldn't go quite so far as to say it's restaurant quality. We have possibly just been spoiled by our huge pizza-feast on New Year's Eve, courtesy of Domino's, so any frozen pizza would have trouble living up to our expectations !

RRP : £2.69

for more information :

Disclosure : We received a voucher for Goodfella's in order to write an honeste review.

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  1. We love Goodfella's pizza but prefer the deep pan rather than the other base available.

  2. one i would buy only when on offer, we often see these selling for £1 each

  3. I always prefer stonebaked pizzas, but struggle to find much variety being veggie.

  4. I'm a pizza hut girl and don't really like frozen pizza apart from the thin and crispy goodfella's.


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