Wednesday 9 January 2013

Innocent smoothies and juice review

In the run up to Christmas, I unexpectedly received a bunch of innocent vouchers in the post. Back in the summer, innocent had asked some bloggers to get involved in some madcap fruity-themed olympics and they were sending through some vouchers as a thank-you to the Madhouse Mini-testers for getting involved. (You may remember our blogpost here where we came up with fruity sports including Peach Volley, Watermelon Polo and Cauli-ball !) After a quick trip to the supermarket, the fridge was stuffed with delectable innocent goodies waiting to be sampled !

We decided to stock up on a family favourite - the universally-adored (at The Madhouse anyway!) Strawberries + Banana Smoothie. My only gripe is that each carton lasts precisely 5 minutes because everyone has a big glassful as soon as it arrives in the fridge and that's the end of that ! Pierre looked dubious until I told him it was squished strawberries, and now he can't get enough of it and keeps asking for "another glass of squished strawberries" !

He didn't take so much convincing the next time he saw a carton come out of the fridge and happily guzzled the mango + passion fruit smoothie. Perfect for washing away his chocolate moustache !

Sophie gets "world's best daughter" award of the day (year?!)  for saving me a big glass full before everyone could drink it all while I was taking photos !! Awwww !

 We decided to give the innocent fruit tubes a go too. Each box contains 6 tubes of 100% pure fruit snacks - I was actually quite surprised because they taste so lovely and fruity that I was sure they must have been "improved" with artificial sweeteners or flavours but no, it's a blend of pure crushed fruit and juice. (So I wasn't actually far from the truth when I told Pierre it was squished strawberries !) These are great for snacks on the go or for tempting reluctant breakfast-eaters to get something healthy in their tummies to start the day.

But we have a new absolute fave which I think may have even topped the strawberry + bananas smoothies (shock horror !). The apple juice and apple + raspberry juice were both a great hit with the kids, who often find pure fruit juice too tart or too "bitty". (Little Britain has ruined that word forever !) It is really nice - the apple juice in particular reminds me of the cloudy, artisanal apple juice you can pick up at farmers' markets.

I am seriously considering filling the fridge with the "orange juice with bits" variety, just so that I get a look in though. I love seeing the kids drinking healthy drinks but it does make me want to cry a little bit when it's all disappearing before my eyes !! LOL

Seriously though, I was impressed to see just how many different innocent products are available now so if you think they're all about smoothies, it might be worth having another look in the chilled aisle of the supermarket.

Disclosure : I received some vouchers from innocent but wasn't asked to blog about them.

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  1. I was really surprised that my non-fruit and vegetable eating son loves innocent smoothies so now they are a regular fixture on my shopping list!!

  2. I love the innocent orange juice but i haven't tried any of there other products yet, i like the sound of those pouches for my little girl though so think i'll be checking them out next time i'm at the supermarket.

  3. I love innocent products, personally I'm not so keen on their smoothies as I'm not a smoothie girl, but I love their 'veg pots' for when I want something healthy and hot but I'm really rushed for time.

  4. My kids love Innocent smoothies!

  5. I love the Innocent drinks, but I only tend to buy them when they are on offer because they are expensive. My favourite is the apple juice. :)

  6. we love the apple and orange juices so yummy

  7. I love innocent smoothies, just a shame they are so expensive =(


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