Saturday 12 January 2013

GiftsOnline4U review

Earlier in the week, I saw a tweet go by from @GiftsOnline4U asking for bloggers who'd be interested in working with them to get in touch, so I decided to head over and learn a bit more about them. I couldn't immediately find out who they are and where they're based - I always like to have an idea of who I'm buying from, to check they really exist and you're not sending off your money into cyberspace never to hear from them again ! - but a quick bit of ferreting around on their facebook page reveals that they do actually have a physical shop too, based in Spalding, Lincolnshire.

They're quite a new company - the company overview on Facebook explains : "GiftsOnline4U was set up in 2012 to make it easy for people looking for gifts to send in the UK to find the perfect gifts without any hassle. Customers can choose gifts by person, gifts for occasions, gifts by price and gifts by type all with free UK delivery. The range of gift ideas combines Personalised Gifts, Engraved Gifts, Unusual Gifts, as well as Sporting Gifts and a huge exclusive range of Football Gifts." They've evolved from another company, WineGifts4U, which existed before that though.

As far as their product lines go, they have all the usual personalised gifts you'd expect - mugs, glasses, iphone cases, chocolate bars, soft toys, etc. They all look quite nice but not particularly original. I decided to delve a little deeper to see if I could uncover anything really unique and exciting.

I decided to put myself in the hands of their "gift by type of person" selector and see what they'd come up with for Madhouse Daddy Mike because he's always difficult to buy for. One thing that is slightly annoying is that if you want to scroll through quickly and select 128 items per page, it goes back to 32 per page as soon as you go on to the next page so you'll have to scroll through lots of pages to see them all. The Gifts for Dad/Boyfriend/Men all seem to have mostly the same products too so some of the categories are redundant and could be streamlined.

The first gift that caught my eye was this "Shut Up Fool" lighter. As a child of the eighties, I used to have my very own Mr T doll, complete with removable (plastic) gold jewellery ! I bet if you say B.A. Baracus to kids these days, they'd tell you he's the president of the United States ! But I could see this appealing to Madhouse Daddy Mike's nostalgic side - he got excited when they brought back Dallas and I know he used to watch The A-Team too ! Price-wise, it seems reasonable - £14.99 with free UK delivery, a lifetime guarantee and a special personalised message. (Find out more on their engraved gifts page.) Not bad at all, Fool !

I think he'd like this quirky wine puzzle too. It's a bit hard to see exactly how it works from the website but you have to solve the puzzle to free the wine bottle - I know Madhouse Daddy Mike wouldn't be able to resist trying to crack it, then challenging his friends once he's got it worked out. It comes with a bottle of wine but you could always order a personalised bottle from the website too, to make it a really special gift.

Madhouse Daddy Mike is always complaining about people at work wandering off with his pens too so I'm sure he'd love a personalised pen, firstly because it looks the business and secondly, because nobody else could take it if it had his name on !

Not bad then - I managed to find three gift ideas in a few minutes for someone who is notoriously hard to buy for !

You might like to follow them on Facebook too ( - they seem to have regular giveaways for their fans which is always a bonus.

for more information :

Disclosure : I will be receiving a thank you gift from GiftsOnline4U in return for an honest review of their website.

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  1. @Swimstar200

    Thanks for this review , I have seen this company on Twitter but hadnt got round to visiting their website, I might give it a go as it looks like they have a wide range of gifts

  2. Oops dont even know my own Twitte handle that should read @Swimstar2000

  3. I love some of those - especially with gifts for men - so difficult to buy for!

  4. WOW what great gifts they have,Thanks for review this will be top of my list this year for bday gifts :)


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