Sunday 13 January 2013

Pierre's in crime-fighting mode, thanks to Rubie’s fancy dress!

Back before Christmas, Rubie's fancy dress hosted a fun competition, inviting children to submit their words of wisdom for protecting the Earth, along with a photo sporting their very best superhero outfits – homemade or official. To help get the ball rolling, they sent out one of the four official Marvel Avengers costumes (Iron Man, Thor, Captain America or The Hulk) to some bloggers to help spread the word.

Now, admittedly, Pierre looks more like he's playing "I'm a little teapot" here than banishing crime from the planet.

Ahh now we're getting somewhere but you'll trip over those trouser legs before you catch the baddies !

That's more like it ! Master of the Universe - or should that be Statue of Liberty ?!

The Thor suit, which Pierre is modelling, as well as the other outfits in the collection, are all available at various outlets including amazon.

Disclosure : We received a fancy dress outfit in return for spreading the word about the competition, which I did via twitter and facebook back before Christmas. I thought I'd share the photos with you because they made me laugh !

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