Saturday 27 July 2013

Fun kids' recipe : Clown Quesadillas

Here's the first of the fabulous recipes dreamed up by Chedds using their kid-friendly Towers and Shapes. Several more to come so watch this space ! 



Makes 1, serves 2-3

2 flour tortillas
2 slices of ham
3 x CHEDDS TOWERS cut lengthways

To decorate
1 packet of flat leaf parsley
1 packet of curly parsley
1 radish
1 olive
1 cherry tomato
1 16g pack of CHEDDS SHAPES to decorate

Lay 1 tortilla in a dry frying pan. Top with the ham and lay on the CHEDDS TOWERS. Lay the second tortilla on top and press down lightly.

Turn the heat onto low and cook until the cheese melts and the bottom is golden brown. Turn over and cook until the second tortilla is also brown.

Remove onto a board and cut into 4 quarters. Then cut 2 of the slices into two again for the arms and legs.

Decorate your clown with flat leaf parsley for the hair, curly parsley for the ruffled shirt, a cherry tomato for the nose and a slice of radish for the mouth. To recreate the juggling, scatter Shapes around the top of the Quesadilla Clown, from the left to right arm.


You can read our review of Chedds Shapes & Towers here.

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