Monday 22 July 2013

Aldi's Back to School Uniform review

Aldi promise to be top of the class this year when it comes to buying school uniform on a budget, offering a complete £4 uniform comprising 2 polo shirts, a skirt or trousers and a round neck sweater that works out cheaper than all the other supermarkets. That sounds like amazing value to me, but I must admit, I was slightly dubious about the quality of the clothing at that price. Well, they sent us through a couple of the items for Pierre and I have to say, I was very impressed.

We got a twin pack of boys' plain white polo shirts which are perfectly good quality. There's nothing particularly remarkable about them but I'd never have picked them out as low budget items. 

What really impressed me though was the boy's padded coat. Despite the heatwave, Pierre loved it so much that he wanted to put it on straight away ! It feels really nice quality and very thick.

The hood fits well too and I love the reflective stripes on it, which are a nice extra touch. It can be done up with a zip or Velcro strips, which is handy for clumsy little fingers. It's a really nice coat so I was surprised to see it only costs £9.99.

I must admit, even though I love Aldi for its food and household products, I would never have thought of going there for school uniform. It's definitely worth checking them out though, as much for the prices as for the quality of the clothing. They promise that they have rigorously tested their uniform range to ensure its whites stay white, hems don’t drop and knees don’t tear. I also love the idea of a flat price across all sizes (4-11 years) which makes it much easier to stick to your budget.

The complete range and price list is below :

Boys Padded Jacket £9.99
Boys Trousers £1.50
Girls Padded Jacket £9.99
Girls Pinafore £2.99
Girls Pleated Skirt £1.50
Girls Trousers £1.50
Boys Ankle Socks 5s £1.49
Boys Briefs 5s/Boys Boxers 3s £1.69
Boys Knitted V Neck Jumper £1.99
Boys Plain Polo £1.25
Boys SS Shirt £1.99
Boys Vests 3s £1.99
Boys/Girls PE Shorts 2s / Skirt 1s £3.99
Boys/Girls Round Neck Sweater £1.25
Boys/Girls Round Neck T-Shirt 2s £1.99
Children’s Plimsolls £1.49
Girls Ankle Socks 5s £1.49
Girls Ballet Kit £9.99
Girls Briefs 5s £1.69
Girls Knee High Socks 5s £3.99
Girls Knitted Cardigan £2.99
Girls Plain Polo £1.25
Girls Scuff Resistant Shoes £6.99
Girls SS Shirt £1.99
Girls Tights 3s £4.99
Girls Vests 3s £1.99

Aldi’s Specialbuy Back to School range is in store nationwide from the 25th July but you'll have to get in quick - once they're gone, they're gone !

Disclosure : We received a pack of polo shirts and a coat in order to write an honest review.

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