Monday 15 July 2013

Madhouse Persil Food Stain Art by Dermot Flynn

As a member of the Persil Blogger network, I was recently invited to take part in an exciting campaign with famous food artist, Dermot Flynn. You can find out more about Dermot's work by clicking through to his website - you'll probably recognise his very clever artwork for a recent Marmite campaign where he managed to create some really detailed pictures using nothing but Marmite.

Well, this was a similar idea. Persil asked their selected bloggers to submit a photo to be made into a work of food stain art. They explained : "Your stain portrait could be of yourself, your child, the family pet or even your blog logo. Based on a photo that you send to us, Dermot will recreate it in his unique style, using only common household stains! It will then be sent to you as a treasured possession or washed to put Persil to the test!"

I sent through this picture and said that Dermot could use the whole thing or just a section of it, if he wanted to focus on one face.

It's totally fascinating to see Dermot at work and pretty amazing to know that he's using nothing but food.

I don't know what I was expecting but I was actually really impressed to see the picture coming to life.

I'd easily have picked this out as my picture and recognised the girls from the photo.

Sadly, it was downhill all the way from there. As well as the T-shirts, Persil kindly sent through a Stain Art Kit so that we could recreate stain art at home with the kids, and a sample of the new Persil Small and Mighty (which has an innovative Triple Cleaning System formulation and Stain Eraser Ball) to put to the test. Well, everything had leaked in the post so what we actually got was a huge mess in the bottom of the envelope ! The stain kit had totally stained the T-shirts and the stain remover (I assume) had dissolved most of the stain art picture. There was nothing for it but to throw it all in the wash and see what happened.

Well, here's the final result : a totally clean T-shirt. So sadly, I never really got to take advantage of Dermot's food stain art (although I do have the pictures of him at work so I can see how it came out). On the plus side, I think you can safely say that the new Persil Small & Mighty works very well at getting out food stains !

Disclosure : I received some Persil Small & Mighty, as well as a personalised food stain art T-shirt from Dermot Flynn

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  1. Wow that is some amazing art work, its a shame that you didnt get to see it. Have you told persil maybe they can re done one?

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  2. Thanks Emma, yes, I've been in touch and Dermot is going to make another one for us - how cool is that ?! :)


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