Wednesday 24 July 2013

Sophie & Juliette are Glasses-Half-Full Kinda Girls !

I can remember when I was at school, all my friends who learnt that they had to wear glasses were gutted. When I discovered that both Sophie and Juliette would need to wear glasses for the rest of their lives (they are both long-sighted and astygmatic), I was worried that they'd be upset or disappointed, but it turns out, they love choosing their new glasses and showing them off.

I think a big part of that is down to the wide range of colours and styles available as well as the big brands and designer glasses on the market now that target even the youngest customers. Popular celebrities have made glasses cool - Sophie wanted glasses like Katy Perry ! - and for the really small children, they have cartoon characters lending their names to funky eyewear.

These are the glasses that the girls chose last time - and as you can see, they are both very happy with their choices !

When SmartBuyGlasses asked me to check out their range of designer glasses, I was keen to see what they had on offer and also what their prices are like. 

Sophie's eyes sparkled when she saw these funky orange-trimmed Adidas glasses (and although I winced slightly at the £99.95 price tag, I did notice that that's 43% off the RRP of £174).

Juliette picked out these "zebra glasses", as she called them, from the Percol range. They cost £88.95 which is less than half price with 54% off the £193 RRP.

I don't need corrective eyewear so I headed over to the designer sunglasses section to see what took my fancy - these Starlet ones from the Juicy Couture range caught my eye (£68.95, with 26% off the £93 RRP).

So there you have it - glasses have gone from being uncool to a highly sought-after fashion accessory. Just to keep Sophie happy, here's a picture of her idol (Katy Perry, if you didn't recognise her !) oozing sexiness in her glasses !

To see more styles on offer at SmartBuyGlasses, head over to

Disclosure : This is a sponsored, but hopefully entertaining, post.

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  1. Both my girls had to wear glasses from 18 months old due to the same reasons as yours, long sighted & both are astigmatic. My Mother was absolutely gutted as hse was the same having to wear them from a very early age, but she had to wear the round wire NHS glasses that everyone used to wear, but the choice of frames now is brilliant, they are both now in their 20's & one wears contacts for work but has some zany glasses for home & about, we as Harriet loves her glasses.
    We used to go to Specsavers every year & see the same lady, she got used to us coming in as they used to pick the same pair & she always made sure the selection they saw had at least two of each, to save tear works!
    I don't think there is any stigma attached to wearing glasses like I had at school, which I'm glad about as it wasn't nice being called the usual, non imaginative names.
    Sophie I thought you was Katy Perry & she had had fabulous make up applied!!


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