Thursday 25 July 2013

Our #haveacraftparty twitter party

If you were anywhere near twitter this afternoon, you probably noticed all the #haveacraftparty hashtags flying around - as always happens with these kinds of twitter parties, it was trending within minutes ! 15 mums - including me - were hosting real life parties to tie in with the twitter party. 

We received the whole collection of Interplay's new Craft Party kits, two to play with and four to give away as prizes. Each box contains everything you need to complete three activities with six children and each box has a theme : Treasure Box, Mad About Ponies, Fairy Princess or Pirate.

The two kits that we were trying out with our party guests were the Pirate and Fairy Princess ones.

The Pirate kit contains everything we needed for painting a little plastic pirate chest, then making an eye patch and pirate hat.

The Fairy Princess-themed box contained the components needed for fairy wings, a tiara and a wand.

We started off with the painting part - the kit includes the paint brushes and paints. Just make sure you keep a pack of wipes and some kitchen roll handy - a protective table cloth could be a good idea too, especially if you have young children ! The older guests (aged 11) did it all very neatly and carefully.

The younger guests (age 4/5) found it a bit fiddly, especially when trying to get the skull and crossbones painted - something that came up in the tweets is that this works best if you leave most of the skull and crossbones part white - but they had great fun all the same.

Especially when they laid their eyes on the "real" gold coins - there were audible gasps as they were handed round !

The other two activities - making the pirate hat and the eye patch - were much simpler and just as much fun.

Ahoy there Captain ! The chocolate coins went down very well too.

As did the pirate biscuits and pirate bananas ! (You can check out the rest of our party food here !)

Time to move on to the Fairy Princess kit which was packed with fluffy pink feathers, shiny silver star stickers and sparkly stick-on jewels to decorate everything with. Surprisingly, this appealed to the boys as much as the girls !

Again, even the youngest guests managed quite successfully and with very little input or help from me (which was just as well, as I was trying to keep track of the twitter party at the same time !).

 Huge smiles all round, even if the dogs kept pinching the feathers and running off with them !

When it was time for the guests to go home, it was great to see how much fun they'd had and how excited they were about showing their creations to their parents. They had a real sense of achievement and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it had appealed to children of both sexes and right across the age spectrum from 4-11.

For a party with no more than 6 guests, it's a brilliant investment. It kept them all so much calmer than during a normal chaotic kids' party !

Many thanks to Interplay and UKMumsTV for inviting us to be a party host.

The craft kits have a RRP of £19.99-£24.99.

Disclosure : We received a selection of craft kits, some to use and some to give away as prizes, as well as other goodies for the party in order to host a craft party and join in with the twitter party.

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