Thursday 18 July 2013

We really need some new dining room chairs !

These are our current dining room chairs and they are my absolute bugbear at the moment ! There are six of them and they match our lovely wooden table that we inherited from Madhouse Daddy's grandmother. They're very nice chairs and they've served us well.

But that's just it. They've served us a bit too well now and they're falling apart. They need reupholstering but we can't actually find anyone who does it - I guess it's a skill that has pretty much died out now because nobody buys these kinds of chairs any more. I think Madhouse Daddy is quite attached to them because he doesn't want to get rid of them, but I've started looking around at what we could replace them with.

I recently won some John Lewis vouchers in a competition so that seemed a good place to start looking.

The first thing I realised was just how old-fashioned our chairs are ! There are some really sleek, modern designs available like these moulded plastic ones. They're a bit too modern for our house though. White would never work with the kids and their sticky handprints either !

These ones actually make my eyes go a bit funny, like I'm looking at an optical illusion. They look like a high chair to me too so no, they won't do either.

I do actually really like these ones. It's a timeless, classic design so they'd fit in with our decor and match the table quite well. 

Or I quite like the idea of something vibrant and funky - although the bright blue colour of these ones would clash horribly with our red walls.

Hmmm there are lots of dining chairs on offer, to suit all tastes and styles, it would seem, but somehow there's not anything quite right. I'm going to have to keep looking, but I suppose at least it will give Madhouse Daddy a bit more time to come to terms with the inevitable upgrade !

Actually, I've just had a brainwave. Maybe I could say we're going for a Japanese theme and just saw the legs off all the chairs, then it wouldn't matter if the bottom fell out when you were sitting on them ! The downside is, we'd never reach the table !

Disclosure : This is a sponsored - but nevertheless honest and, I hope, entertaining - post.

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