Wednesday 17 July 2013

Compeed Blister Plasters review

I was recently invited to join a Bzz campaign for Compeed, in order to try out their blister plasters. In my Bzz kit, I received two different products - Blister Plasters and Jordi Labanda Limited Edition Blister Relief Heel Plasters - as well as a whole bunch of samples to hand out to friends.

As the sun has finally put in an appearance, we've all taken to wearing shoes and sandals without socks or tights, which can often lead to painful blisters where the shoes rub on your heels. Sophie has been wearing the new Hotter shoes that I gave her last month and had started getting sore red patches on her heels, so I gave her some of the Compeed plasters to protect the skin before they developed into blisters. They're much bigger than normal plasters and also much more cushioned so they offer instant relief and protection. They're a bit strange though in that they are not sticky - they adhere to the skin the first time you apply them but if you peel them off to try to reposition them or to check how your skin is doing underneath, that's your lot. They won't readhere to the skin. They do stay firmly in place until you decide to peel them off though, unlike normal plasters, so the lesson to learn is, don't let your curiosity get the better of you - wait until the blister plasters start peeling off after a few days rather than lifting a corner to check on your skin !

At the weekend, we went to a barbecue at a friend's house and I wore a dress - that's a rare occasion so my usual trainers weren't going to work ! As I looked through my shoes, I came across a pair of strappy sandals with a zip at the back that I only wore once last year because they rubbed my heels raw, so much so that they were totally covered in blood and really sore for weeks. I threw the shoes in the back of my cupboard and never wore them again. Well, I decided to bite the bullet and put them on, after applying a Compeed cushion to each heel. I put a different pair of shoes in the car and some spare Compeed plasters, just in case, but I didn't need either of them. Some of the other female guests were complaining about their heels rubbing though so I dished out the Compeed samples that I had with me. They were all really impressed at the instant relief and protection that the Compeed plasters offered.

From reading the information in the Bzz guide, I learned that Compeed use hydrocolloid technology to support the natural moisture balance of your skin and accelerate the healing process. The blister plasters are designed to stay in place longer and heal blisters 20% faster than traditional plasters, whilst acting as a second skin. I have been totally convinced by this aspect. I'll definitely buy a pack of Compeed every time I buy a new pair of shoes, to avoid the pain and discomfort of shoes rubbing and causing blisters, as I know from the past how sore they can be.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £4.90 for 5 blister plasters

for more information :

Disclosure : As a Bzz agent, I received a Bzz kit including the product and extra samples to pass on, in order to give honest feedback and help spread the word about the products.

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