Tuesday 23 July 2013

#SaveSummer Activity 1 : Green Hair !

ASDA have come up with a brilliant campaign called #SaveSummer to keep the kids occupied and parents happy during the long summer holidays. They are suggesting a multitude of activities for you to enjoy, whatever the weather, and sent us through an amzing hamper full of everything we'd need to try out some of them.

The girls squealed with excitement when they saw the strange collection of objects - I took away the instruction sheets so they have no idea what we'll be doing with them all until I sit them down and tell them what the plan is !

Our activity for this week involved a pack of tights, some flower pots and grass seed. Can you guess? I did ! We were going to make grass heads !

First of all, there was some serious colouring-in going on.

And some very serious cutting out too.

I love the fact that it's an activity that appealed to all three Madhouse Mini-testers, despite the age difference between them. (They're 4, 8 and 12.)

Time to fill the tights with grass seeds then compost. Definitely make sure you put newspaper or an activity mat down before you start as this will get a bit messy ! Then stick on your faces and accessories to create your personalised grass head.

Sophie made Gabriella.

Pierre called his George, then it changed to Stick Man ! Yes, he does have a shoe stuck to head, but I have no idea why !

And Juliette called hers Peppa. (You can tell they're Peppa Pig fans, with George and Peppa !)

They are now all sitting on the kitchen windowsill being watered each day to see if their hair sprouts !

There are already three activities on the #SaveSummer website, with plenty more being made available as the summer progresses so call back often for more summer fun inspiration !

for more information : http://www.asda.com/savesummer/all/

Disclosure : We received a hamper of products in order to try out some of the activities from the #SaveSummer Campaign.

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  1. From the title, I was half expecting crazy punk children with flowing Jade locks! Grassheads are much more sensible! :)

  2. Oh I remember making grass heads when I was a kid - look forward to seeing these three all furry soon!!


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