Thursday 18 July 2013

Cherry Dentyl Active Complete Care review

Last year, I reviewed Dentyl Active Enamel Restore mouthwash and was very impressed on a number of levels - it looks magical and sparkly in the bottle (Juliette and Pierre liked taking it off the bathroom shelf and shaking the bottle then watching it like a lava lamp!) and it has special technology to attract bacteria and food particles from your teeth and make them show up when you spit in the sink so you can actually see it working.

Well, someone actually mentioned in the comments that they liked the cherry-flavoured one but I forgot all about it until a bottle arrived in the post for us to try ! We received Dentyl Active Complete Care which claims to work in six active ways, leaving users with a ‘professional clean’ feeling and fresh breath for up to 18 hours, as well as containing 0.05 (225ppm) fluoride. It is scientifically proven, alcohol free, helps fight plaque bacteria, helps maintain healthy gums, kills up to 99.9% oral bacteria, contains fluoride, tastes great and does not sting or dry the mouth, helps fight morning breath and severe cases of bad breath. Phew, anything else ?!

Well, it also looks pretty and sparkly and is great news for anyone who doesn't like mint or eye-wateringly strong mouthwash because it tastes of cherry - or more precisely, a slightly watered down version of the Cherry Panda Pops that I used to drink when I was a kid. It's quite nice actually and left me with a lovely clean feel in my mouth for quite some time afterwards.

For National Smile Month last month, Professor Robin Seymour, a leading periodontologist, highlighted two key emerging oral health challenges for the UK public : gingival recession and increased risk of root caries. He explains that there are several causes of gingival recession, but the most frequently cited are toothbrush trauma and periodontal disease. Gingival recession is more frequently observed as we get older due to the accumulative effects of inappropriate tooth brushing and periodontal disease. The net result is exposure of the dentine root surface. Issues arising from such exposure include receding gums, dentine hypersensitivity and an increased risk of root caries. 73% of adults examined in the Adult Dental Health Survey had exposed root surfaces and are therefore at risk from root caries. Topical agents however, can help, such as using an alcohol free mouthwash containing fluoride daily – such as Dentyl Active.

I read all of this with great interest because I actually have one tooth (one of my front ones) where the gum has receded exposing the dentine. I brought it up last time I visited my dentist and she told me that it's very common as you get older (I laughed about having hit the big four-o and she said that it's downhill all the way from here !). She said that it's very unlikely for the gum to come back down but you can try to prevent it from receding any more and gave me a very salty toothpaste to apply to that tooth, which she warned me tastes disgusting. I much prefer the flavour of the Dentyl Active so I'll be giving that a go instead from now on.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £4.07 for 500ml

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Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.

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