Wednesday 17 July 2013

Summer holiday diaries : Happy birthday Pierre !

To start off the day, Pierre was extremely impressed to get a special personalised birthday message from Father Christmas - you can check it out here, it's actually rather cool !

As Madhouse Daddy wasn't coming home to lunch, we decided to have an indoor picnic with party food - sandwiches, Hawaiian pizza, cherry tomatoes, olives, crisps and sausages, all eaten off Peppa Pig plates, much to Pierre's delight !

It was too hot to do anything much so we got the pool out again. We even bought a new parasol for the occasion.

While the kids were cooling off in the pool, I was tackling Spiderman in the kitchen !

When Madhouse Daddy got home from work, it was finally time to open the presents !

And add a bit more heat with some candles - luckily there were only four so the temperature didn't rise too much ! Make a wish, Pierre !

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