Saturday 20 July 2013

Time for the Traditional Beat-The-Heat Haircuts !

I almost called this blogpost Haircut 100 but I figured I'd just be showing my age. Does anyone else remember the 80's pop band fronted by Nick Heyward? If you don't, just look at what you were missing out on ! Luckily their music was a lot better than their fashion sense !

But I digress ! A few weeks ago, I posted my Summer Holiday To-Do list and I'm rather chuffed to say that in two weeks, I've already done 10 out of the 26 things on it. That's pretty good going, even if I say so myself ! Well, Sophie did remind me that there was one thing I had forgotten to put on there - our pre-holiday haircuts. We both have such thick hair that going to the hairdresser's is as essential as stocking up on sun cream to beat the heat. Sophie's getting well involved in the blogging now and wanted me to take before and after photos to do a blogpost !

Well, here you go !

Before ...

 See? I wasn't joking about the thick hair ! But why do mine look like mug shots ?!

And after, looking slightly windswept because she's just come off a bouncy castle ! Sophie always loves it when her hair is straightened so she'll be asking for straighteners again now !

I couldn't be bothered to sit there for ages while she straightened my hair this time so just left it natural. I was surprised at how wavy it has gone - I guess it's got less weight now that it's been layered so it can curl more ! I'm sure it'll settle down once it's been washed a few times though !

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It's the holidays, time to tackle my "to do" list !


  1. Love the straight look on Sophie. Love your waves.

    Nice change for both of you.

    Silver's Reviews
    My Blog

    1. Just been over to check out your blog and I love it, now following you on bloglovin :)


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