Saturday 6 July 2013

It's the holidays, time to tackle my "to do" list !

Well, school has just broken up until September so it's time for me to tackle my ever-growing "to do" list of all the big jobs that get put off until I've got the time (and courage) to tackle them. I figured writing a list and actually getting the pleasure of crossing them off one at a time will give me the extra motivation to do (some of) them. Hopefully ! Here goes !

1) Give the dogs a much needed haircut (furcut?!)
2) Give the dogs a bath (always good for a laugh - and I have some lovely rhubarb-scented dog shampoo to try !)
3) Take the dogs to the vet's for their rabies jabs
4) Cut the rabbit's claws because they're really long
5) Sort through all Pierre's clothes and get rid of all that are too small
6) Ditto for Juliette
7) Ditto for Sophie
8) Have a major dejunk and tidy up in Juliette's room (we did Sophie's and Pierre's not too long ago)
9) Get the wall fixed on our patio
10) Get the two broken roof tiles replaced
11) Replaster our bedroom wall
12) Redecorate the bedroom
13) Repaint the living/dining room ceiling
14) Put together the wooden sandpit
15) Sort out all the paperwork for the childminder's (end of contract for one/renewal of contract for the other?)
16) Deep clean the kitchen
17) Clean the oven
18) Defrost the fridge
19) Defrost the freezer
20) Deal with the mountain of paperwork piled up on and around the printer
21) Test/replace the smoke alarms
22) Wash all the windows
23) Attach the wooden racing car to Pierre's bed/wall somewhere
24) Sort out a dog sitter for the holidays
25) Sort out a hotel & car park for the night before we go to Morocco
26) Book the ferry 

Phew, that should be enough to keep me busy !

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  1. Waow, no time to get bored! Enjoy your holidays! xxx

  2. Great idea to get it all written down so you can see exactly what it is you still need to do! Looks like you have made a fair bit of progress already. I know I'm more likely to get things done if I write a list.


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