Saturday 27 July 2013

Some lovely foodie prizes (for me for a change !)

As a blogger, it always makes me happy to be able to get some really lovely prizes sent out to so many of you in my giveaways. The little messages and comments that you send through to say that the prizes have made your or your kids' day always put a smile on my face ! It's turned into a bit of an ongoing joke that when I announce a lot of winners in one go, I sit back and wait for the freebie karma to come around. It often turns out that I get an email announcing I've won something lovely at about the same time.

Sure enough, I announced quite a few winners this week and - ping!- a lovely email landed in my inbox telling me that I'd won (I thought) a cookery book from Pyrex. Well, when it arrived, it turns out that it's not one but four books : What's Cooking? 30 Easy & original Recipes, My 4 in 1 Recipes, Cooking With A Twist (Brunch, Teatime Treats, Gourmet Snacks) and Mini Delights. I can't wait to see what I can cook up from that little lot once we get back from holiday.

But that's not all. I also won a second lovely prize on the wonderful Chez Maximka blog (you absolutely must head on over to check out Galina's recipes and cake decorating posts, if nothing else - they have me salivating all over my keyboard on a regular basis !) - some bottles of Bottlegreen and some Burt's potato chips. Now that sounds like it needs a celebratory picnic to me !

Another thing I've noticed is that competition wins often come in threes ... fingers crossed that there's another win on the way next week then !

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  1. Many thanks, Cheryl, for your most kind words!
    You're a good cook yourself! :)

    1. Ahh but you're such a star at putting unusual twists on things :)

  2. Well done Cheryl on your wins! You deserve them for arranging for us to have all these lovely competitions to enter.

  3. Well done Cheryl,

    I have won these too;-)
    I can't wait to try some of the recipes.

    And couldn't agree more with you about Chez Maximka !

    Love both of your blogs.

  4. Woohoo well done - Karma is a wonderful thing and I hope many more prizes are heading your way :) xx xx


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