Tuesday 16 July 2013

Summer holiday diaries : Ice ice babies !

Today, I decided that we needed another adventure so we headed off to the bus stop. "Where are we going today, Mum?" "Aha, you'll see !"

We headed off to the sea front (again!) and went to discover what goes on behind the scenes at one of the ice cream parlours.

We tasted lots of ingredients - chocolate, praline, nougatine, fizzy strawberry sweets, Smarties, pistachios. 

And watched a batch of vanilla ice cream being made - it only takes 15 minutes and three ingredients : milk, sugar and crème fraîche.

Then we got to taste it !

But that wasn't all - we all got to choose three scoops of the flavours of our choice at the end of the visit. Wow, that's a BIG ice cream ! Pierre went for strawberry, fizzy strawberry sweets and candy floss flavour.

Juliette chose redcurrant, strawberry and candy floss.

Sophie went for lemon, watermelon and candy floss and I went for Bounty, crème brulée and salted caramel. 

I can't work out how he makes money from the visits to his kitchens though. The visit + tasting costs €3 per person but you get a 3-scoop ice cream on the way out. A 3-scoop ice cream usually costs €4.50 and that's without all the extras that we tasted in the kitchen ! I suppose the idea is that you tell all your friends about it and he gets free advertising.

Afterwards, we headed across to the beach (again !) to burn off some of those calories !

"Help, I'm sinking !"

Pierre ran off some energy climbing up the wall and sliding back down again about fifty times !

Oh to be young again and not care about paddling in your knickers ! He even fell over backwards and sat in the middle of the stream, much to our great amusement !

Juliette decided against stripping off and just rolled her jeans up to her knees !

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