Tuesday 23 July 2013

Well, I almost got breakfast in bed !

Those lovely people at McCain had a fabulous idea - they sent through to The Madhouse everything that would be needed to create the ultimate breakfast in bed for little old me. They even gave me the choice of ingredients to accompany their hash browns so I dreamed up a real feast - bacon, eggs, sausages, mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, baked beans and toast slathered in butter, accompanied by a glass of strawberry smoothie. Yum !

Well, we did tuck in to this delicious feast yesterday but it wasn't quite breakfast in bed. It was lunch and I cooked it ! Oh well, it was still greatly appreciated !

I even managed to arrange the same ingredients (minus the egg because he doesn't like fried eggs) into a clown's face for Pierre !

The Hash Browns were a revelation too. I'd never tried them before, although I've often seen them in the freezer aisle. They can be cooked from frozen in the oven and only take 18 minutes. They have a lovely taste  and texture and are much less greasy than chips. The whole family liked them so we'll definitely be buying these again.

The hash browns have been totally redeveloped and repackaged for this summer and now have a new recipe including onion and seasoning to make them full of flavour. The 700g bag contains 15 hash browns so each hash brown weighs about 47g when frozen. The packaging gives the nutritional information for a 118g serving oven cooked, so I'm not entirely sure what that corresponds to, but each serving contains 7.5g of fat of which 0.8g saturates, 0.6g sugar, 1.2g of salt and 200 calories.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £1.65 for 700g

Disclosure : McCain sent me everything I needed for a fabulous breakfast in order to try out their hash browns and write an honest review.

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  1. I love hash browns - could do with a couple right now actually!

  2. Ooooh never had hash browns in years!!!!

  3. Ohhh I haven't had hash browns in ages....Perfect for a fried brunch :)

  4. I love hash browns, those pictures have made me sooooooooo hungry!

  5. Last time we had hash browns was over at our daugthers they always have a big breakfast on a Sunday, I usually have museli with fresh fruit for breakfast, so this was a big change & I enjoyed it, but couldn't do it every week.


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