Wednesday 31 July 2013

Calling all fame-seeking mini-foodies !

Do you have a child aged 9-12 who loves cooking and would like to show off their talents on TV ? Then read on ... !


Calling young chefs!

Are you a great cook aged 9-12 who’d love to show off your skills on a brand new ITV series?

ITV is giving budding up-and-coming cooks the chance to take part in a brand new entertainment show. Can you cook the best casserole, make a Mexican dish to get the taste buds tingling, or whip up a strawberry cheesecake to wow the crowd? Whatever you make, if you love to cook we want to hear from YOU.

If you are aged 9-12, ask a parent/guardian to send an email by Sunday 18th August to:

There was a bit more about the concept in the email : "As for the show, it’s an hour-long programme to be shown on ITV every Saturday, 8.30-9.30am from October, with an initial run of 12 episodes. The programme features two teams of 3 children (Boys v Girls) competing against each other in a variety of cooking challenges and food-related games. It’s not going to be the intense experience of ‘MasterChef’, and the children won’t be placed under any sort of similar pressure. It’s all fun, everyone will have a great time, and hopefully they’ll all learn a lot about cookery and teamwork along the way. We’re also hoping to have some celebrity chefs involved, showing the children how to make some more elaborate and experimental dishes!"

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