Sunday 28 July 2013

This week's veg box 28/7

Well, actually, this week it's a non-veg box ! My mission to use up everything from the fridge and fruit bowl before we head off on holiday at the end of the week has begun, so we did go to the market but we didn't buy anything much, except for a couple of onions and some garlic !

It won't be a totally veg-free week though - the vegetable compartment in the fridge currently contains some carrots, round courgettes, red/green pepper, spring onions, mushrooms, tomatoes and cucumber. We also have a couple more salads growing on the patio that will need eating - they worked really well so we'll have to grow those again next year - and I have some potatoes, onions and garlic to finish off.

Shouldn't be a problem - I already have some ideas on this week's menu plan for using up loads of veggie-leftovers, such as Spanish tortillas and homemade pizza.

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1 comment:

  1. The round courgette look absolutely perfect for stuffing with meat, french style


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