Saturday 20 July 2013

What's Cooking at The Madhouse next week ? menu plan 19/7

I'm going for a totally cosmopolitan week this week. I have lots of exotic things to try - cooking sauces and from-scratch ingredients from my Kitchen Nomad packages (the Greek one and the Vietnamese one) - so I'll be way out of my comfort zone, trying recipes that I've never even heard of before. Wish me luck ! I'll throw in some old faves too though !


lunch - In honour of Pierre's birthday, I think we may go to the eat-all-you-like buffet at the Chinese restaurant just down the road. The kids have been begging to go since the start of the holidays - they love the self-serve ice cream freezer in particular!

dinner - I think I may have to make another stuffed Ciabatta - I haven't told you about it yet but it was delicious.


lunch - The Madhouse grandparents are over for the day so we'll be having a barbecue

dinner - we'll still be stuffed from lunchtime


lunch - Youvetsi - a Greek dish using products from my Kitchen Nomad box - basically a tomatoey lamb and pasta casserole

dinner - leftover barbecue


lunch - Prawn Saganaki, another Greek dish - prawns in a tomatoey, garlicky sauce served with fresh bread to mop it all up

dinner - full English breakfast - we never eat it for breakfast but it is rather nice for lunch or dinner !


lunch - Boursin-stuffed turkey parcels with mushroom risotto

dinner -  Crispy Vietnamese Pancakes with salad


lunch - Bo Kho, Japanse Beef Stew

dinner Tart with Black Olives & Capers - you've guessed it, another Greek dish !


lunch - off to the tropical islands today - either green or red Creole curry (I have a jar of each to try)

dinner - off to Japan again - Beef, Lemongrass & Vermicelli Salad


Chocolate Chunk Cookies
Vanilla & Raspberry Cupcakes

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  1. All sounds yummy i must admit im not to good in the kitchen but i do give it a try


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