Friday 22 February 2013

Dove Men + Care review

Madhouse Daddy Mike often laments that he feels a bit left out because most of the stuff that we get to review is for the Madhouse Mini-testers or me. Well, he's got a point, but I would argue that I'm the one doing all the blogging and he does get to take advantage of all the foodie products that go through the Madhouse kitchen so he gets a pretty good deal ! But either way, he was on to a good thing last week when we received a package of goodies from the Dove Men + Care range. 

First up was their Hydrate+ Shave Foam, much to Madhouse Daddy's relief because he's not big into men's beauty products - shower gel, shampoo and deodorant is about all he ever buys ! As demonstrated, the shaving foam is lovely and rich and firm - although be warned, I did manage to spray little bits all over the sink and mirror the first time I sprayed it before the nozzle "clicked" into place !

I actually ended up using this on my legs and it gives a really smooth, close and comfortable shave, leaving my skin feeling soft and moisturised with no nicks and no razor rash at all. It has a masculine scent but it's delicate enough that wives and girlfriends will be able to borrow it no problem !

We also received the matching Hydrate+ Post Shave Balm, which I left for Madhouse Daddy Mike. He said it left his skin feeling cooled and soothed and didn't sting at all. He thought it felt a bit greasy when first applied because he's used to after shave rather than a balm, but it soon sunk into his skin leaving nothing but a soothing sensation and a nice scent.

The final product was the Revitalise+ Face Wash, which was a new experience for Madhouse Daddy Mike because he usually makes do with soap and water. He actually really liked it. He said it was really refreshing so was great for waking up in the morning and his skin felt less tight and dry than with soap. It also smells really nice.

So there you have it - even men who don't do beauty products are won over by the Dove Men + Care range !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : shave foam £3.49 for 200ml, post shave balm £5.49 for 100ml, face wash £4.29 for 150ml

Disclosure : We received a selection of Dove Men + Care products in order to write an honest review.

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