Saturday 4 May 2013

It's Madhouse Daddy Mike the Knight !

"Be a knight, do it right!" - Madhouse Daddy Mike couldn't resist playing at being Mike the Knight, trying out the swords and shields, at the Medieval camp we visited last week. We tried to get Pierre to join in and imitate his TV hero too but he was too shy !

Possibly because we'd just walked past this gruesome scene ! He did ask me if it was a real head in the basket !

We watched the village blacksmith heating up the metal until it was red hot, which the kids had never seen before.

Then he worked the soft metal into a sword.

The girls pointed out that everything seemed to focus around swords and violence in the Middle Ages, so it was a good thing that we passed by the medieval refreshments tent to see something more homely !

I suggested that this was the medieval version of the naughty step, but the Madhouse Mini Testers were too busy squealing at the grinning skull perched on the top to take any notice !

And to think we say The Good Old Days !

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
I'm linking up with Country Kids from Coombe Mill - click through to see what other outdoorsy fun everyone has been getting up to this week and maybe add your own to the linky.

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  1. I think every house needs a naughty cage like that one! Great pics

  2. :D I think my boys would like to have lived in the Dark Ages with all the gore and violence going on. They are forever sword fighting with each other and Daddy. Great photos of an interesting day.

  3. Our boys would love to visit this medieval camp and play at being a knight, how interesting to be able to watch the blacksmith at work. Thanks for linking up your post to Country Kids.

  4. That looks like a great day out....plenty of gore and bloodshed! :D

  5. Lol - it's such a boy thing to do hey? They can't resist it and turn into kids again when there's a weapon around. My Craig is exactly the same.


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