Friday, 12 July 2013

Summer holiday diaries : A quiet day at home

We opted for a quiet day today so, after taking the dogs for a walk and then to the vet's for their booster jabs, we came home and started doing some very serious (judging by Pierre's face !) cutting and sticking. 

We cut out pictures of cars, people, houses and animals from old magazines then stuck them on some big roadmap playmats. I was amazed at how long this kept Juliette and Pierre occupied !

Next stop, the kitchen. Sophie has been desperate to try out the new hand whisk which is why she's smiling so much !

Can you guess what we were making yet?!

Kiwi cheesecake :)

Time for a quick break to play with Mr Potato Head. I suddenly remembered that when I was little, my nan used to get out real vegetables - a potato, a carrot and a parsnip - and let me stick all my Mr Potato Head features in those which was great fun, so I might have to let them try that next time !

We also had a few overripe bananas that needed using up so we made some banana muffins.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring !

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