Thursday 28 November 2013

Thanks to Wilko from the Madhouse Critters !

It's been a while since the Madhouse pets featured on the blog, but today they're all in the limelight, whether they be dogs or rabbits, because Wilko sent through a selection of their pet products for them all to try out. The lovely parcel has actually made five four-legged friends very happy - the rubber toys (the bluey-grey one is a Tugball and the red one is a Rubber Treat Ball) will be going to the Madhouse Grandparents' dogs because the Madhouse dogs just don't understand playing with humans and look at you like you're mad if you throw things for them to play with or try to interest them in playing tug-of-war ! They did happily take on the edible products though ! And Charlie the rabbit got the new food bowl.

Well, I told you the Madhouse pooches, Didou and Vicky, don't get enthusiastic about playing but they did get very excited when we pulled out the treats, as you can see ! (Can I just point out, nobody in the Madhouse is pregnant - I think Sophie's got an orange in her pocket in this photo - this is exactly how rumours start !)

Both of the dogs grabbed the Chewy Bones and went to hide out all afternoon, gnawing on them. They kept changing position around the house but always carrying their bones with them, like a kid with a new toy (or, more aptly I guess, a dog with a bone !). The biscuit bones also went down well but got snaffled up so quickly that I failed to get a photo in time, despite several attempts !

Charlie was determined not to be left out and did the perfect photo pose as soon as I put the new bowl into his cage ! The label on the bowl said that it was "the pets' choice" which made me smile, because I could imagine them walking around the pet store with a trolley, but maybe they were right all along because he certainly seems to like it! It's from the Mason Cash range which is a brand that has been around since 1800 apparently.

At this point, I would usually say that all of the products got a resounding thumbs up. However, the Madhouse menagerie may have 12 legs between them but they haven't got a single thumb so I'll have to go with a resounding waggy tail instead !

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Disclosure : We received the products in order to write an honest review.

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