Tuesday 26 November 2013

This week's must-try recipes 26/11/2013

Here are the recipes that I've spotted on my blog-readers and bookmarked over the past couple of weeks that I want to try. It's a real mixed bag this week !

Alison at Dragons & Fairy Dust seems to have the same ingredients in her cupboard as me which is always handy - these Apricot Slices look gorgeous and I have everything I need in the kitchen already :)

I always love seeing Carole posting traditional New Zealand recipes over on Carole's Chatter - this Bacon and Egg Pie looks really simple but very tasty. Using a dozen eggs at once sounds a bit scary though !

The temperatures have dropped to freezing so this slow-cooked shredded sticky beef with honey mustard bread rolls from Mellow Mummy looks like the ultimate warming comfort food - yum.

This next one had me at the words no bake cookies ! - I love the idea of Haystacks from Finding Time For Cooking

More chocolate naughtiness that looks great fun too - these Chocolate Pinatas from Ghost Writer Mummy.

And to finish off, these Chocolate Reindeer Lollies from What Me & The Boys Say look like a fabulous project with the kids in the run up to Christmas.

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  1. Thanks for the link, some lovely looking dishes there that are also going on my must try list

    1. I just have to find time to make them all now !!

  2. How nice to get a mention, Cheryl - you must try the pie - it makes enough for 4-6 people so the number of eggs is not that scary! Cheers

    1. LOL I only use 4 eggs when I make an omelette to feed our family of 5 so it still sounds a lot, but I will definitely try it ! :)


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