Wednesday 14 March 2012

Bear Grylls’ Top Ten Things To Do Before You’re Ten

Bear Grylls has teamed up with Persil small & mighty to create the Top Ten Things To Do Before You're Ten Guide. This aims at encouraging kids to get outside, have fun and use their imagination. There are some videos of Bear in action, teaching you how to do some simple but fun activities, if you scroll down. There are bound to be some grass stains and mud splashes to get rid of after that lot so Persil sound like the perfect partner !


The nation’s favourite adventurer, Bear Grylls, teams up with Persil to get kids back outside and learn forgotten childhood skills
Today’s children are spending significantly less time than their parents did having adventures outside and, as a result, have missed out on learning the great outdoor skills that were once taken for granted.  Over half of UK adults played outside everyday when they were young, compared to just 24% of kids today; a decline of almost half.

Activities such as hide and seek, hill-rolling and climbing trees should transcend the generation gap but, according to new research by Persil small & mighty, one in 10 under tens never play outside and a third stay indoors and rely on ready-made fun instead of making their own.

After-school play has evolved from riding a bike (26% of parents) and playing sports (23% of parents), to playing computer games and watching TV - the most popular activities with children (31.5%). Only 14% play sports and just one in ten regularly ride a bike. Favourite characters to role-play during playtime have also changed, with almost a third of parents claiming they enjoyed acting out Cowboys and Indians, compared to a third of children who now prefer to role-play television characters such as Spiderman, Ben 10 and Dora the Explorer.

When parents were young, they learned outdoor skills such as tying a rope swing and building a den, so Persil has teamed up with the ultimate face of outdoor adventure and dad of three, Bear Grylls, to inspire families to shake off the constraints of modern life and remember some simple outdoor pleasures. With that in mind, Persil and Bear have created a ‘Top Ten Things To Do Before You’re Ten’ handbook, designed to get kids playing, having fun and getting mucky!

Bear said: “It’s important to teach kids to enjoy some free and simple outdoor adventures. Soggy wellies, grassy knees and muddy hands should be part of growing up. Whether it’s using their imagination to play games outside or learning a new skill like building a den, I want more kids to enjoy outside activities and experience a bit of adventure!”

Marloes Garben, Brand Manager for Persil comments: “We have teamed up with the nation’s favourite adventurer, Bear Grylls, to offer kids and their parents the chance to spend a day with the man himself at the first ever Persil ‘Today I Am…’ Adventure Day on 26th May 2012. Simply buy any pack of Persil to be in with the chance of winning! Persil small & mighty can take on the toughest of stains, like mud and grass, so kids can take on the toughest of outdoor adventures - just like Bear Grylls!”

Bear Grylls’ Top Ten Things To Do Before You’re Ten
  1. Perfect the perfect hill roll
  2. Become a hide-and-seek champion
  3. Go sledging- on sand
  4. Build a den- indoors or out
  5. Build a rope swing
  6. Nurse that sting
  7. Try and count the stars
  8. Make a mud pie
  9. Make a compass
  10. Pick your own pudding

To download the Persil small & mighty and Bear Grylls ‘Top Ten Things To Do Before You’re Ten’ guide, and see more information on how to win an adventure day with Bear for your kids, visit


If you need some advice (or just fancy ogling Bear Grylls during your coffee break !), check out the videos below :

Bear Grylls & Persil small & mighty - The Perfect Roll

Bear Grylls and Persil Small & Mighty - The Perfect Rope Swing

Bear Grylls and Persil small & mighty - Hide and Seek

Bear Grylls will be hosting the first ever Persil ‘Today I Am… Adventure Day on 26th May 2012 and your child could be one of just 140 kids from across the UK to attend. Just buy any pack of Persil to be in with the chance of winning! Visit for more details.

Persil small & mighty comes in 18, 28, 54 and 85 wash packs, made from packaging that can be recycled (where facilities exist) and have an RRP starting from £4.49.

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  1. I love Bear !!! Agree with this article 100% - too many people don't let their kids play or get dirty these days :( x

  2. Bear is great shame he and the Discovery Channel have parted company

  3. I love Bear. The top 10 ideas are great!

  4. They are good ideas but for a parent who has CFS it isn't just as easy as saying we'll play outside. It also doesn't help with the weather in the u.k. I live in the northwest and would love some sunshine.

  5. Hey,
    I loved all of these posts. A lot of these things we have, but I got some really great ideas.

  6. When I was young I am happy to admit I completed ALL of the tasks on Bear Grylls’ Top Ten Things To Do Before You’re Ten list!!!!

    1) Perfect the perfect hill roll
    Yep - at Kings Cross, on the Isle of Arran, when we holidayed each year!

    2) Become a hide-and-seek champion
    It was great playing in the dark - upstairs with curtains shut and lights off!

    3) Go sledging- on sand
    Down the dunes close to where we lived (and still live)

    4) Build a den- indoors or out
    When we went to Loch Long each year for Easter (in the caravan)- we always built a den by the river!

    5) Build a rope swing
    Again, on the Isle of Arran, in the woods close to the cottage where we stayed!

    6) Nurse that sting
    I was forever picking 'dock leaves' to rub on to ease the pain! We were always getting stings when building our dens!

    7) Try and count the stars
    Through tin foil card tubes (telescopes!)

    8) Make a mud pie
    Of course, and rose petal perfume!

    9) Make a compass
    At brownies then on picnics!

    10)Pick your own pudding
    Mum was too soft with us and we always got to choose lol!

    I must admit too, my four children have completed them all too and the oldest has just turned 8! I think a lot depends on the way us parents were brought up. We still go on holiday to the Isle of Arran and we live by the sea!!! I am not a one for allowing my kids to sit indoors playing computer games - we are always out and about!

  7. Agree with this article too many people don't let their kids play or get dirty these days

  8. I love the idea of my kids doing these things, I used to ride my bike around out the front of our house, not sure I would like my kids doing the same these days but they love playing in the back garden

  9. Is it coincidence that this came out around the same time as the "50 things to do before you're 11 3/4" list, or are they related? There is certainly plenty of overlap and both are great. I run a guide unit and do loads of outdoor stuff... for some of the girls it's their first time to be near a fire, or in a tent, or up in the hills. They all love it though :-)

    1. Don't know but there's the Bucket List of things to do before you're 3 here too ! :

  10. Amazing ideas and information here
    thanks for sharing


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